Boman Irani to make his OTT debut with Masumand it was nice to see the actor back on screen after a long hiatus,” says Deepa Galot.

web series BloodCreated by Sophie Petzal, set in a burgeoning Ireland that hides family dysfunction, poetic despondency and Catholic guilt, it shifts somewhat uneasily to the sunny Punjab village of Falauli, where Dr. Balraj Kapoor (Boman Irani) lives with his bedridden wife and three miserable children .

Sana (Samara Tijori), who has fled to Delhi, returns when her mother Gunwant (Upasana Singh) dies.

Sana witnessed something in the past for which she blames her father, and years later she has a permanent scowl on her face.

Separated from her husband and living in her parents’ house, her older sister Sanjana (Manjari Fadnis) also looks depressed all the time.

Their brother Sanjeev (Veer Rajwant Singh) looks quirky, like he has a secret, which of course he does.

Sana is convinced that her father is responsible for her mother’s death and begins to hide by spying on him.

His suspicious behavior — lying about where he was when his wife died, having an affair with a nurse at his hospital (Sarika Singh), and running out late at night to get rid of a lawn ornament — confirms her fears.

Balraj is running for the constituency and is given a large sum of money by the party, which was stolen at the time of Gunwant’s death, causing serious financial problems for the doctor, which he hides from his family.

The six-part series, written by Satyam Tripathi and directed by Mihir Desai, starts slowly.

For a thriller in which the viewer has no one to root for, it has too many long lengths – the characters move from place to place, the mother constantly sings or recites poems (written by Ginny Divan) in Punjabi, which requires subtitles in Hindi along with English; despite living in a large mansion with a huge lawn, people meet on the banks of the canal for intimate conversations!

It is not until the fourth episode that the various threads begin to come together and the motivations of the various characters become clearer.

For no reason, an evil uncle is introduced, who is hinted to have abused Sana as a child.

But that thread has remained hanging, perhaps to be picked up in the second season, which should be on the way, approaching the finale of this one.

Sana turns to childhood friend Monty (Akashdeep Arora) and ends up adding fuel to an already smoldering fire.

Balraj, played with weary softness by Boman Irani, is unlike the overbearing patriarch of North India, who inspires so much hatred in Sana that she doesn’t hesitate to indirectly blame him publicly at her mother’s funeral.

Small towns in India, as elsewhere, can be a hotbed of hidden secrets and intrigue, but also strong clan loyalty and an “everyone knows everyone” atmosphere.

The local cop, the good-natured Ranjit Singh (Manu Rishi Chadha), knows more than he lets on and only acts when his patience is at its limit.

It’s not entirely clear who Masum (Innocent) in this story – Sana, who is so immersed in herself that she cannot understand someone else’s trauma; Balraj, who does more harm than good in trying to protect his family; or the late Gunwant, who understood everything, but lost sight of it in order to keep the peace in the house.

What the series really aims for is a non-stereotypical look at the Punjabi village, accentuated by beautiful looks (filmed by Vivek Shah) and moody music (Anand Bhaskar).

The performance is monophonic, but in a story where everyone has something to hide, it seems to work.

Boman Irani to make his OTT debut with Masumand it was nice to see the actor on screen after a long time.

Masoom airs on Disney+ Hotstar.

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