Greta Gerwig revealed in a new interview with Rolling Stone that some”Barbie” set of realized visitors Margot Robbie feeling “awkward” during filming when they interacted a lot more with his co-star, actor Ken Ryan Gosling, that they did with her. Gerwig was talking about the time the crew spent filming a rollerblading scene at Venice Beach. Set photos from the scene, featuring Robbie and Gosling in neon outfits, exploded on social networks last summer during production.

“The way Barbie works in Barbieland is that she’s completely in continuity with her surroundings,” Gerwig said. “Even the houses don’t have walls, because you never have to hide because there’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. And suddenly finding yourself in the real world and wishing you could hide away is the essence of being human. But when we were filming on Venice Beach, with Margot and Ryan in neon rollerblade outfits, it was mesmerizing because it was actually happening in front of us.

“People would pass by Ryan, clap his hand and say, ‘Awesome, Ryan, you look great!’ And they wouldn’t tell Margot,” Gerwig said. “They were just looking at her. It was just surreal. At that moment, she felt embarrassed. And as a director, I wanted to protect her. But I also knew that the scene we were shooting had to be one where she felt exposed. And she was exposed, both as a celebrity and as a woman.

Gerwig added: “To be fair, Ryan was like, ‘I wish I wasn’t wearing that vest.’ But it was a different kind of discomfort.

In-line skating outfits became one of the first viral sensations to emerge from the movie “Barbie.” Appearing on “The Tonight Show” last year, Robbie called the photo leaks “mortifying”.

“I can’t tell you how mortified we were, by the way,” Robbie said when host Jimmy Fallon showed viewers the “Barbie” set photo. “We look like we’re laughing and having fun, but we’re dying inside. Dying. I was like, this is the most humbling moment of my life.

Asked if she ever thought the ‘Barbie’ set photos would dominate internet buzz the way they did, Robbie replied, “No! I mean, I knew we had exteriors at shooting in LA. I knew that once you did exteriors, you would get drunk. There’s probably going to be a small crowd of people that will notice because, you know, we kind of stand out in these outfits. I knew so there would be some attention, and some photos would probably get out there, but not the way they did.

Robbie concluded: “It was like madness. It was like hundreds of people were watching all the time.

“Barbie” opens in theaters nationwide on July 21 from Warner Bros.