Netflix released the first trailer for Lost in Space Season 2 on the heels on the streaming service’s panel for the sci-fi series at New York Comic-Con on Saturday. The series, an update of the 1965 TV show of the same name, stars Toby StephensMolly ParkerTaylor RussellMina Sundwall, and Maxwell Jenkins as the Robinson family, crew members of the Resolute tasked with getting to the Alpha Centauri system where a colony will be established. Things go awry when the Resolute is compromised and the Robinsons are forced to evacuate to places unknown.


Image via Netflix

Based on the Season 2 trailer, it looks like the adventures of the Robinson family are only getting bigger. The central focus of the trailer — and undoubtedly one of the key arcs at the beginning of the season — is the search to locate Robot, the, well, robot dedicated to helping the Robinson family. Currently, Robot is marooned on a planet with no way to get back to his family. So, Will (Jenkins) has taken it upon himself to figure out where Robot is located. And it seems like his bond with Robot is stronger than we ever could have guessed, based on a very intriguing shot of Will touching a mechanical arm and seemingly being able to…locate it? If ever there was a reason to tune it (on the off chance you aren’t already watching), it would be to see how this potentially magical bond between a boy and his robot helps the latter get rescued.

Will’s mission to locate Robot isn’t the only nugget of goodness offered up in the Season 2 trailer, either. We also get glimpses of Parker Posey and Ignacio Serricchio as Dr. Smith and Don West, respectively. There’s a particularly fun (and stunning) shot of Maureen Robinson (Parker) gazing in wonder at an iridescent space carp floating around during a bit of good ol’ fashioned exploring, and there is the introduction of a potential new ally played by JJ Feild (Captain America: The First Avenger). Thank goodness Lost in Space Season 2 is comprised of 10 hour-long episodes because there’s truly so much to dig into!