It’s 2015, and Samsung hasn’t realized yet that if a person is given the opportunity to do something stupid, they will do it. By this I mean, of course, the Galaxy Note 5 and the infamous S Pen fiasco.

It might sound crazy if you weren’t there, but if you inserted the S Pen into the Galaxy Note 5 backwards, you’re basically screwed, as the S Pen is instantly stuck inside the device due to a small hook mechanism. Samsung’s response to users doing this? Do not do that.

We highly recommend that our Galaxy Note 5 users follow the instructions in the user manual to make sure they don’t experience such an unexpected scenario caused by re-installing the S pen in reverse.

In this quote, Samsung admits that they did not expect users to insert the S Pen backwards. I mean, it sounds like a confession to me.

If my memory serves me, it took a little time, perhaps several weeks, to correct the mistake. As it turns out, all anyone would need is a piece of plastic film expertly inserted into the device to lift the hook mechanism and free the S Pen from its stranglehold. We may be dumb enough to be stuck in there with handles, but at least we’re smart enough to pull it out.

And frankly, don’t knock anyone with a stuck S Pen. It’s not your fault that Samsung didn’t foresee this. It’s their job to plan things like this. That’s why in all future Galaxy Note devices, you don’t have to worry about the S Pen getting stuck inside when you insert it backwards. On the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can’t push the S Pen back more than 1/4 inch before the mechanism stops you. Great job, Samsung.

Those were the good old days, folks.