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Levinho Best Game in The Current Season

Levinho Best Game in The Current Season

Levinho Best Game in The Current Season

PUBG Mobile streaming started as a leisure activity for most of the current streamers on YouTube. However, within a couple of years, their hobby has transformed into a full-fledged career with considerable fame and fortune. They now have big-corporate sponsors and generate revenue through ads as well as the promotion of software and hardware equipment.

These days, streamers across the globe spend hours streaming PUBG Mobile content for millions of subscribers. While there are many good YouTube PUBG Mobile streamers in 2020, here’s a look at five of the most popular ones out there.
Most followed PUBG Mobile streamers

  1. CarryisLive (India-5.96 million subscribers)

CarryisLive has proved to be one of the fastest-growing streaming channels on Youtube, which has quite a bit to do with things that have nothing to do with PUBG Mobile. Regardless, Carry is an incredibly talented PUBG Mobile gamer and generally uses sniper Rifles to wreak havoc on his opponents.

The one advantage that he does have over other PUBG Mobile streamers is that he uses a mobile emulator. He has a system with better controls and graphics with respect to other players. Nevertheless, he is a brilliant YouTuber who is responsive to his fans and likes to communicate and converse with his viewers while playing.
credit: quora.com
credit: quora.com

  1. Panda (Sweden- 6.15 million subscribers)

The Swedish streamer has a second youtube channel called BluePanda with 2.39 million subscribers, which makes his total subscriber base almost 9 million!

Like Carry, Panda is also at his best when using Snipers, and is widely regarded as the best headshot taker in the game. The other notable skills that he is known for is his high levels of accuracy, as he barely misses a shot and finishes most games with 30+ kills. Further, he doesn’t play on an emulator, which puts him on a higher level, as far as pure gaming skill is concerned. Below are his this season’s stats:
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  1. Atro (Netherlands-6.44 million subscribers)
    credit: youtube.com
    credit: youtube.com

Like Panda, Atro also has a second youtube channel called Atro Plus. Most of his content is in Arabic, and like some other streamers, he uses a mobile emulator to play the game. Astro is a talented player with commendable sniper skills.

Further, when playing with ARs and machine guns he prefers to charge rather than hold back and get kills from a distance. This makes him one of the most exciting gamers online.

  1. Levinho (Sweden-6.87 million subscribers)

When it comes to gaming skill, Levinho is probably the best PUBG Mobile gamer in this list. He has a high level of accuracy and an intense rushing tendency which makes his highlights exhilarating to watch. Further, he doesn’t use an emulator and is one of the most dynamic, if not the best PUBG player in the world.

Watching his highlights is like watching a bully toy with his prey, and the way he goes about fooling and trolling his opponents is simply a joy to watch. Below is what his profile looks like:

1.Dynamo Gaming (India: 7.7 million subscribers)

The increasing Indian PUBG Mobile user base has much to do with the high popularity of Indian streaming channels. Dynamo is a Mumbai based mobile gamer in his early twenties, who used to play on an emulator before, but doesn’t anymore.

The gamer is good with snipers and general mid to long-range shooting with other guns. He is an all-round impressive player who is responsive and likes to communicate with his fans. Overall, Dynamo gaming has emerged as the most popular PUBGM streaming channel on youtube.


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