Above these last months, we explained what to expect from the LEGO Disney 100th Anniversary Collection. And today, 9to5Toys can offer a first look at two of the upcoming sets. The new Up House from Pixar’s hit animated film will launch later this year alongside a more modest Disney train that comes complete with iconic LEGO minifigures.

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LEGO 100th Anniversary Disney sets revealed!

Courtesy of JB Spielwaren dealer, today we finally see what some of the new Disney and LEGO kits look like. We’ve detailed what to expect from a full wave of birthday kits, and can now share a preview of what LEGO sets 43217 and 43212 have in store.

Specifically today, the LEGO Up House was revealed. This has been one of the most requested creations of the year by the LEGO Group, and now the company is finally delivering. Perfect for the party, Carl’s House of At the top will get the brick treatment with 598 pieces. THE $59.99 The set will launch later this spring on April 1 and will arrive on the front facade of the house.

LEGO set number 43217 also includes three minifigures, all exclusive to the build. First and foremost is Carl, who wears his iconic costume from the film. Then there’s Russell, who comes decked out in his Wilderness Explorer outfit. Last, but certainly not least, is a new molded element for the Dug dog.

The back of the house features a cutaway design that shows four different rooms. There are a pair of sections on each of the two floors, with a small entryway and living area paired with a bedroom and an upstairs loft. Of course because it’s a At the top together there are also the balloons at the top of the model. I know some builders will say there isn’t enough to really pull off the look of the house, but price-wise, it’s really hard to complain about.

The LEGO Anniversary Train is also on the way!

Alongside the upcoming LEGO Up House, Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration also continues in the new Birthday Train kit. This is LEGO set number 43212 and stacks up to 200 bricks. It’s one of the 4+/Juniors creations in the theme, and the overall design reflects that. But while the train itself is smaller, the minifigures are the real stars of the show.

We’ve seen Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigs many times over the years, but all of the other minifigures are pretty notable inclusions. Alongside the two Disney icons are other iconic characters like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Woody from Toy Story, and then Moana. Each has a train carriage themed after their movies, which offers a fun little build to the $29.99 price point.

My favorite part of this set though has to be the last two figures. I love that they’re giving builders another chance to score a Woody figure several years after the Toy Story theme was retired, let alone the first time Moana was assembled into an actual figure. Minidolls from the Friends and Disney lines are fun, but nothing beats a classic minifigure.

Today’s reveals also feature new LEGO Disney 100th Anniversary box art. So far, all other kits revealed by the animation studio collaborating with the LEGO Group had more generic boxes. Now, the true fanfare of the celebration is carried over to the packaging, with festive art that notably highlights the 100th anniversary logo alongside a wave of chrome bricks that cascade from the side of the box to the front.

As for the rest of the Disney 100th anniversary action, we’ve already gotten an official look at four more BrickHeadz that launched at the at the beginning of February. Even more exciting though, the other week, 9to5Toys was also able to share a full list of 18 upcoming additions to LEGO’s latest CMF series. Filled with iconic characters from every Disney animated movie and even Pixar favorites, we break down what to expect from the latest series of collectible figures.

We should also see the full list of LEGO Disney sets revealed in the coming weeks. Which of the new LEGO Up House (43217) and Disney Birthday Train (43212) sets will you be looking to bring home in April? Let us know in the comments below.

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