Latest Technology News: League of Legends LoLdle: July 23, Answers and Hints (LoLdle

The 381st edition of the League of Legends LoLdle puzzle game is available to play now. It features five queries related to the names, abilities, quotes, emojis, and splash art of LoL champions. To complete the daily puzzle, you must give perfect answers to all the questions. Players can continue their streak by consistently solving the puzzle each day. They can also post their results on various social media platforms.

The July 23 LoLdle is here, and this article will give you all of its answers.

League of Legends LoLdle July 23 Answers

The correct answers to the July 23 LoLdle questions are listed below:

  • Classic: Friends
  • Quote: Gwen
  • Ability: Rammus, Prime:R
  • Emoji: Katarina
  • Splatter Art: Gragas, Prime: Gragas Arctic Operations

LoLdle tips for today, July 23

Here are some clues offered by the League of Legends LoLdle questions for July 23:

  • Rakan: His Ionia region and support position are huge clues.
  • Gwen: Today’s quote says, “Move my hands and feet. Players can guess Gwen’s name from this, as her playstyle in League of Legends matches her quote.
  • Rammus: The image contains Rammus’ slam shockwave, which is his R ability.
  • Katarina: The two knife emojis are massive hints.
  • Gragas: The snowy environment is a major clue to guessing Arctic Ops Gragas.

League of Legends LoLdle Previous Answers

Here are some previously revealed answers to League of Legends LoLdle:

  • LoLdle 380, July 22: Lulu, Sylas, Yuumi, Draven, Nasus
  • LoLdle 379, July 21: Kha’Zix, Ivern, Tryndamere, Viktor, Karma
  • LoLdle 378, July 20: Jayce, Draven, Lissandra, Quinn, Nautilus
  • LoLdle 377, July 19: Fiora, Lee Sin, Ashe, Sona, Vex
  • LoLdle 376, July 18: Orianna, Lillia, Xayah, Nami, Kayn
  • LoLdle 375, July 17: Shen, Singed, Veigar, Lux, Syndra
  • LoLdle 374, July 16: Fizz, LeBlanc, Talon, Orianna, Darius
  • LoLdle 373, July 15: Heimerdinger, Jayce, Camille, Yuumi, LeBlanc
  • LoLdle 372, July 14: Mark, Akali, Pantheon, Shen, Kennen
  • LoLdle 371, July 13: Renata Glasc, Lulu, Lucian, Fizz, Rell
  • LoLdle 370, July 12: Jinx, Swain, Nautilus, Renata Glasc, Tryndamere
  • LoLdle 369, July 11: Master This, Nocturne, Vex, Nautilus, Cassiopeia
  • LoLdle 368, July 10: Caitlyn, Amie, Master Yi, Azir, Viktor
  • LoLdle 367, July 9: Kindred, Nami, Kassadin, Zoe, Braum
  • LoLdle 366, July 8: Nilah, Vex, Zyra, Urgot, Nocturne

For those interested, the July 24 LoLdle answers will also be posted by Sportskeeda.

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