Tomorrow there will be a big Samsung Galaxy S23 event and they will all be official and pre-orders will likely follow shortly after the presentation is over. With the start of pre-orders and the start of the event, this means that the booking period that is currently open will be closed. In other words, this is your last chance to receive up to $100 booking bonus per pre-order.

Summarizing this booking item, just understand that Samsung does this every time it launches a phone. Since everything they do is leaked on a grand scale in the weeks leading up to the official reveal, they kind of assume you know what’s going to happen and let you “reserve” one (here). Reserving a Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23 Ultra in this situation does not mean that you are committed to buying it. Instead, you’re telling Samsung that you have some interest in what they’re about to announce.

As a thank you for your interest, they often offer a bonus that you get if you end up pre-ordering. For the Galaxy S23, this bonus is an additional $50 credit that can be used with the Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23 Ultra to purchase accessories or other devices such as the Galaxy Watch 5 Ultra, case, battery, or fast charger. They will most likely offer credit to anyone who pre-orders, but you get an extra $50 when you reserve.

You can technically get up to $100 in credit if you tell Samsung that you’re interested in both their new phones and the Galaxy Book. However, then you have to same buy a Galaxy Book to get an extra $50. At least that’s how it worked in the past.

There’s no obligation to buy with a caveat, you just list your name for pre-orders and if you decide to buy, you’ll get an extra $50 in spending. Not bad.