Latest Kerala Local News: Kozhikode bus terminals turn into relief camp for restless sleepers

The unrestricted entry of vagrants and rough sleepers in large numbers to KSRTC and Mofussil bus stops to sleep has started to create huge disruption and safety issues for other passengers. In the absence of any proper control mechanism, even parking lots and vacant spaces near stairwells are occupied by these groups, regularly obstructing the paths of passengers.

KSRTC-appointed security guards are apparently indifferent to the issue, although passengers have been demanding action for several months. Since the start of the monsoon season, the number of such people has been steadily increasing. There are also wandering families consisting of elderly people and children who even occupy the long veranda of the KSRTC terminal.

It is not just the homeless, some casual workers also find refuge there in the absence of any strong control mechanism. The group of such people includes drug addicts, mentally unstable people and people with other serious illnesses, says VB Ratheesh, a hotel employee in the area. According to him, KSRTC terminal and mofussil bus station are like relief camps after 9 p.m. with vagrants who also pose a security threat.

A bus driver said there were continuous attempts by a few to degrade the surroundings with the dumping of food and paper waste. Some of the secluded spots in the terminal were also found used as open toilets by disbelievers of these groups, he revealed.

Although facilities like Ente Koodu and other shelters are available for the homeless, the majority are hesitant to use these places. Previous efforts by the police and local authorities to rehabilitate some people in need have also failed due to lack of adequate cooperation.

There were initiatives by the police to send the illegal sleepers to the spot, but they returned to the same place without regular follow-up, said a KSRTC official who had previously taken up the matter for action. He also said police support would be sought again to end the practice and free up space for passengers.

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