Testosterone, not logic, is the driving force behind this KGF Sukanya Verma oversees the franchise.

Foolish machismo is a gem of many Masala Film and blazing background music are its birthright.

This combination makes the audience expect a loud, loud applause.

Call it a formula, a misconception or a ingrained belief among filmmakers, but winning alone against a battalion of bad guys is a scene that will not soon retire.

We have received countless incarnations of this situation.

One of them is writer and director Prashant Neil KGF Chapter 1The hyper-stylish convention of Amitabh Bachchan’s angry young man, the Southern sensations that create the ugly, greasy, extravagant world of epics and legends.

Considering the whole saga unfolds from the pages of a controversial book called El Dorado, its unreliable narrator gives the producers enough license to bunker around its wafer-thin plot. And Neil has no patience or a penchant for restraint.

Three and a half years later, the sequel is almost complete.

If the first chapter of this Kannada blockbuster records the story of the rise of a young man from King Krishnappa Byrne to ‘Rocky’ (Yash) in the world of crime against the backdrop of the Kolar gold mines, then Chapter 2 sees his reckless rule. And growing enemies.

The events take place somewhere between 1978-1981. KGF‘S scented world where a dark, post-apocalyptic air wears off Mad Max And Need for speed Collide.

There are plenty of Cole-eyed women in black saris and bearded men of all ages, while making a clean comeback in an introduction marked by drum rolls and wolf whistles from the Rocky screen.

I saw a show in a theater at 7 in the morning and I noticed that a few people were taking the dubbed print in Hindi.

This helps to avoid losing everything in the translation.

The punchlines retain their threats in dialogues full of animal similarities and aggression.

Whether it is socialism or the savior of the downtrodden, it is to fall in the astonishing eyes of his infinite followers. KGF Rocky’s mood contradicts those ideas in the intense fanfare and business thinking of the Messiah.

Rocky lives in the lap of luxury and boxes full of gold, but his loyal subjects seem to be as careless as ever.

Rocky pointed a gun at a police station for a biscuit.

His behavior is often suspicious, though KGF2 To question his greed, not allowing him to be corrected, is exhausted by its leading man.

It starts very early with his romantic interest (Sreenidhi Shetty) who kidnaps him for ‘entertainment’ and forces him to cohabit.

Guess even Stockholm Syndrome is a luxury in its worm-bam scheme, so the director miraculously falls in love with her kidnapper and extends the existence of a terrifying subplot for unnecessary songs.

Often KGF2The confused attitude to morality dilutes the impact of its conflicts and, as has been shown in the case of Rocky, legally justifies the bad person to his doubts.

With the exception of a dead mother who is commanded to acquire wealth and never be at the mercy of the rich, one can never get a fleshy insight into the course of his power play.

Rocky does not seem so bitter and is happy to enjoy his excessive influence on the people.

Even his opponents, who are gathering evidence to capture him, are in a zealous zeal. An example is a CBI official listing Rocky’s violations to the Prime Minister and enumerating his heroic deeds.

On the positive side, KGF2The bleached palette and stark production design are one of its strongest attributes, and Neil highlights its impact.

Another plus is an actor who puts a few muscles on a light front and immerses himself wholeheartedly in the extreme courage and arrogance of the violent heroes.

Sanjay Dutt portrays Adhira – Rocky’s blood relationship with his former enemy and personal insults make him deadly to our hero like a vicious beast.

Dutt, who is known for his tattoos, braids and comic book books, accidentally made his film debut in 1981.

Raveena Tandon is the fictional Prime Minister Ramika Sen, who is sharp in a sari and looks like a senior politician.

Yash’s confrontation with these two is far more effective than the elaborate action pieces it delivers. The ad is endless.

Yash plays a strategic role.

Live, he is a bourgeois hero, tiptoing between style and sass, and his unpredictability and unbearable instincts make him a hobby.

In hindsight, he is a bigger man than life, deliberately erased from history, but impossible adventures make him a celebrity to enjoy.

But his crafty humor and unbridled cruelty hit every right note.

Had it not been for Neil’s chaotic script, endless climax and badging background score, the result would have been much more refined.

Too often, the interludes play like a cacophonous orchestra and distort the overall order.

Testosterone, not logic, is the driving force behind this KGF Franchise.

Will it ever slow down? If not that little joke KGF: Chapter 3 There is some hint in its post-end credits.

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