Walking the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, the British actress Kate Beckinsale was the epitome of glamour.

The 49-year-old star attended the screening of ‘La Passion De Dodin Bouffant’, featuring a bold and eye-catching set that grabbed attention.

Kate wore a resplendent green bejeweled bodysuit, with a high neckline and several tasteful cutouts that accentuated her figure beautifully.

©Marc Piasecki
Kate Beckinsale makes a splash at Cannes

The bodysuit also featured several stunning ruby ​​embellishments, which she paired with a flowing green skirt tied around her waist in a bow, adding an extra touch of elegance.

Standing tall in a pair of high heels, the Underworld star styled her brunette tresses into a chic ponytail for the event.

The backless detail to her outfit added an element of surprise, while her emerald earrings were a flawless accessory to the glamorous look.

Kate's see-through bodysuit was a real show stopper©Marc Piasecki
Kate’s see-through bodysuit was a real show stopper

Despite being in her late 40s, Kate is arguably in the best shape of her life. But fitness hasn’t always been a priority for the actress.

In an interview with Women’s Health, she confessed that her fitness journey began in her twenties as she prepared for her role in Pearl Harbour. At first, the idea of ​​exercising didn’t sit well with her. However, over the years, she has gone from a workout aversion to a fitness enthusiast.

Kate Beckinsale attends the Chopard ART party at Martinez on May 23, 2023 in Cannes, France.©Getty
Kate looked like she was out of Enchanted

The reason? The mental health benefits she gets from her regular workout routine. “Now exercise is almost more important to me in terms of mood,” she told Women’s Health. “The other aspects seem like a great side effect.” Physical activities have become her outlet to release stress, making it a crucial part of her daily routine.

So how does Beckinsale manage to make 49 look like 29? Kate embraces a “seize the morning, seize the day” philosophy. The actress starts her day with a nourishing breakfast, followed by a trip to the gym. According to her, working out first thing in the morning is an effective way to stick to a fitness routine.

kate beckinsale cut out dress cannes© Daniele Venturelli
Kate Beckinsale Attends ‘BOSS X NAOMI – Naomi Campbell’ Birthday Party

His preferred style of training is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), under the guidance of his trainer, Brad Siskind. She does an hour of rigorous exercise six days a week, incorporating weights, squats, sit-ups, boxing, rowing, climbing machines and more.

On days when she feels like doing cardio, she does an extra workout. Kate’s dedication is truly admirable, even on location for film shoots she finds the time to record yoga workouts to maintain her physique and prevent injury.

kate beckinsale green dress the princes trust gala nyc 2023©Getty Images
Kate looked stunning in her eye-catching see-through dress

Diet, of course, plays a crucial role in Kate’s fitness journey. She is quite picky about what goes on her plate.

During an interview with Delish in 2018, she shared that she steered clear of sugar and refined carbs, which she said made her feel “very lethargic.” Instead, her meals are loaded with protein and vegetables.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate is known for her stunning dresses

Although she was a vegetarian for a long time, she added fish and chicken to her diet on the recommendation of her trainer. “We have a lot of stir-fried vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, chicken, and fish,” she said.

Kate Beckinsale wears long blue coat and skin-tight romper to pose against cityscape
Kate looked like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland

Kate also stays away from alcohol, citing that she is very sensitive to its effects. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine is really paying off, as her radiant looks and spectacular shape clearly show.

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