EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Majors has been dropped from a multitude of projects that we hear on good authority, including Images of the protagonists‘ feature film adaptation of Walter Mosley’s novel, The man in my Basementan advertising campaign for the MLB team the Texas Rangers, as well as an unannounced biopic about Otis Redding from the fifth season that the Emmy-nominated actor was filming.

The latest on Majors comes following news yesterday that his manager, Entertainment 360, and publicist, The Lede Company, have severed ties with the actor, who is facing domestic abuse allegations in New York after a March 25 incident involving a dispute with a 30-year-old woman. The unnamed victim was taken to hospital with “minor head and neck injuries”, according to authorities at the time of the incident. Majors is due in court on May 8 after being charged by the NYC DA

Majors were to be stars and executive producers The man from my basement under its Tall Street Productions banner. A replacement for the Majors is underway. The photo also has Willem Dafoe attached. Protagonist Pictures did not respond to Deadline’s request for comment.

Dallas, Texas was one of the areas where the Majors grew. His ad campaign for the Texas Rangers aired on Friday, then pulled at the last minute, we’re told. When reached by Deadline, the Texas Rangers offered no comment.

Meanwhile, Majors was beating the tires on a fifth-season, early-work project titled Otis and Zelma, who has the full support of Redding’s estate. No deal has been signed on the Stephanie Allain-produced project, but Majors is no longer being considered for the film, Deadline has been informed.

Protagonist Pictures fully funds The man from my basement with Nadia Latif making her directorial debut. Deadline first told you about the project. In the Mosley novel, Charles Blakey is an African-American man living in Sag Harbor. He’s stuck in a rut, out of luck and about to lose his ancestral home when a strange white businessman with a European accent offers to rent his basement for the summer. He will pay $50,000. This lucrative proposition leads Charles down a terrifying path that takes him to the heart of race, history, and the root of all evil. Mosley adapted the novel with Latif. Dafoe is set to star as Anniston Bennet in the project as an opulent gentleman who asks to rent the basement of Charles Blakey’s ancestral home.

As we also announced to you yesterday, Majors is no longer present this year Met Gala as one of his guests.

It’s an unfortunate situation to be on the other side of the headlines for the Majors. Before the NYC arrest, Majors had a 2023 banner with Creed III And Ant Man 3 grossing a combined total of $745 million worldwide. The Yale Drama School alum also won rave reviews for his deranged bodybuilder turn in Dreams Magazine at Sundance, a film that Disney’s Searchlight honed in on and has been scheduled for a Dec. 8 theatrical release in Oscars aisle. Texts communicated by his criminal defense lawyer Priya Chaudhrybetween the woman with whom Majors had an alleged altercation, sought to show him that she was responsible for their fight.

The majors are sticking with the MCU cast as their main villain in future phases, Kang the Conqueror, a character who appears in Disney+ Loki season 2, and should play in the years 2025 Avengers: Kang Dynasty and 2026 Avengers: Secret Wars.

Majors is also currently set to reteam with Spike Lee on Amazon Studios. Lining and play Dennis Rodman in Lionsgate’s 48 hours in Vegas.

Majors received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for HBO Lovecraft Country in 2021.