Johnny and Clyde2023.

Directed by Tom DeNucci.
With Avan Jogia, Ajani Russell, Megan Fox, Tyson Ritter, Bai Ling, Vanessa Angel, Armen Garo, Robert LaSardo, Nick Principe, Sean Ringgold, Charles W Harris III, Brett Azar, Sydney Jenkins, Claudio Orefice, Fred Sullivan, Michael Zuccola , and Chris Whitcomb.


Johnny and Clyde are two serial killers madly in love and on a quest for endless crimes. They set out to rob a thriving casino – owned by crime boss Alana and guarded by a demonic killer she commands.

Here’s some cinematic madness: what if Bonnie and Clyde fight a demon while pulling off a heist? Points for creativity…I guess?

There’s no way to tell but frankly: Johnny and Clyde is an insufferably bad movie that doesn’t seem to understand anything about Bonnie and Clyde’s characterizations and backstories or horror basics, like presenting a demon that looks scary and intimidating (here’s an extremely creepy Grim Reaper costume). cheap that is enhanced – a term used loosely – with horrible CGI and smoke effects).

This movie decides to take the nefarious scheme of serial murders and runaway kleptomaniac lovers and ultimately teams them with an equally sadistic group of friends with generic personalities, like a demolitions expert or a suicidal barbarian who seemingly lives by the Nordic mythology. At one point they get a friend out of a mental institution, which is probably a more fun place than watching this movie. It’s infuriating that anyone could miss Bonnie and Clyde’s goal so much, even though none of this spin on them is meant to be taken seriously (god, I hope not, anyway).

None of this is helped by some of the most cheesy, laughable, and irritating portrayals of these characters. Every line of dialogue feels forced and inappropriate, and tries so hard to be pissed off that you can’t help but find it funny. Then there’s Nick Principe and Tom DeNucci’s script, which has no idea how to logically structure it all, giving viewers something to look up to or worry about. The story here is way too stupid to be offended by anything Johnny and Clyde (Avan Jogia and Ajani Russell) do, no matter how many innocent civilians are killed. Forget to specify the tone the filmmakers are going for, but I will say that the music chosen to play in some scenes is hysterical for the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, a former sheriff (Armen Garo) relentlessly tracks down Johnny and Clyde after they tortured and murdered his daughter years ago. And since Johnny and Clyde’s relationship is nothing more than murderous, sociopathic lovers without any semblance of characterization that would put viewers on their side or their anarchy, the film is still a tough one to watch. There must be something compelling about telling the story from their perspective as the protagonists (yes, the heroes here) beyond the repetitive attempts at lopsided behavior that fail because it’s impossible to take seriously .

In a way, none of the above is the worst. Megan Fox also plays a rich and dirty casino owner barking orders at half-naked henchmen and henchwomen, amassing money in a secret location where she plans to have the money kept by the previously mentioned demon. taking control of him by taking possession of a magic stone. . It’s yet another abysmal performance in this gonzo disaster.

The concept for Johnny and Clyde is bonkers but executed horribly in every way imaginable. He wants to be hip, stylish, edgy and fun so badly, but that’s just an embarrassment.

Scintillating Myth Rating – Movie: ★ / Movie: ★

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