Home Technology iPhone 13/Pro/Max starts from $540 in Friday’s best deal

iPhone 13/Pro/Max starts from $540 in Friday’s best deal

iPhone 13/Pro/Max starts from $540 in Friday’s best deal


Latest Technology News: iPhone 13/Pro/Max starts from $540 in Friday’s best deal

All of Friday’s best deals are now available today, offering new deals courtesy of 9to5Toys. Leading the pack, new all-time lows on iPhone 13/Pro/Max from $540. These discounts come with the best price ever on the StandBy-ready Anker 15W 3-in-1 MagSafe Charging Cube $112. So be sure to go mark the Apple TV HD at the lowest price of the year To $79. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch time.

iPhone 13/Pro/Max All-Time Lows Arrive From $540

Woot ends his work week today in style with a New Sale on Certified Refurbished iPhone Models. This time, putting the spotlight on the most recent iPhone 13 series, these refurbished deals offer at least the best prices yet, if not new all-time lows in their own right. Favorite of the collection, iPhone 13 Pro comes in Certified Refurbished condition for one of the first times $729.99 Premium shipped. Otherwise, delivery will cost you $6. Normally fetching $999, today’s offer is notably a new all-time low. We really haven’t seen any refurbished iPhone 13 Pro discounts over the years, and today’s $269 discount is as rare as it is steep. Apple’s previous-generation iPhone 13 Pro centers around the A15 Bionic chip like other handsets in the series, which powers the 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion. There are all the usual Apple staples like Face ID, Cinematic mode video recording and MagSafe charging. Dive into our coverage here.

Alongside the iPhone 13 Pro above, two other handsets in the iPhone 13 range are taking advantage of the refurbished savings. In total, all three are backed by Woot’s 90-day warranties and offer all-time lows to help you get a newer unlocked handset for less. Several colors are available on the three devices, not to mention the possibility of choosing between different storage capacities.

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Anker 15W MagSafe Cube

The Ankers 15W 3-in-1 MagSafe Charging Cube is suitable for standby

Join the mid week sale which went live on Wednesday, Anker’s savings continues today to one of its latest and most popular releases. THE Anker’s new 3-in-1 MagSafe Cube wowed by its compact design earlier in the year when we first reviewed it, and now that Apple has unveiled the new StandBy feature coming this fall, it’s just a more compelling option. The charging station now goes down to $112. Normally at $150, the 25% discount now offers a new all-time low at $8 below our previous Prime Day mention.

As Ankers’ first 15W MagSafe charger, its new 3 in 1 cube just hit the scene earlier this year with the ability to pack all your Apple kit into a compact design. The cube folds out to offer not only a true 15W MagSafe pad, but also a fast charger-ready Apple Watch dock and a secondary 5W Qi pad for AirPods. It’s been a staple on my bedside table ever since. our review has been posted in February, and it’s easily my favorite MagSafe charger on the market.

Apple TV HD is an even better value at $79

The best price of the year is now live on Apple TV HD. Comes with that shiny new Siri Remote, today’s savings now land at $79 shipped via Amazon, as well as Adorama. Normally recovering $100 these days, you’re looking at a saving of $21 alongside a fresh 2023 low. We last saw the streamer land at $93 after trending around $120 for most of early spring. Now it’s $14 below our previous listing.

Although it is not refreshed AppleTV 4K with the A15 Bionic chip currently starting from $125, this HD model offers a similar overall set-top box experience with 1080p streaming support. You’ll still have access to Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and other services, plus Apple Arcade, Fitness+ and HomeKit hub functionality, in a package that may be better suited to the bedroom or office than the main home theater. Not to mention the brand new Siri Remote whose owners love it. Take a closer look in our handy cover.

Compared to the new third generation version, the previous home theater upgrade arrives with a similar design but is now powered by the A15 Bionic chip. These performance gains enable support for HDR10+ content as well as Dolby Vision visuals and Dolby Atmos sound. Although one big downside is that you give up the Gigabit Ethernet port, which is only available on the top-end model. Either way, it’s the most affordable way to bring a modern tvOS experience to your home theater with the newly refreshed Siri Remote.

The Logitech MX mini mechanical keyboard gets a rare discount

Amazon now offersLogitech MX Mechanical Mini for$132. Normally recovering $150, you’re looking at savings of $18 and a rare offer at that. That’s $8 less than the previous markdown we saw, for comparison. Logitech first introduced mechanical switches to its popular MX series early last summer, before bringing this experienceon the Mac side of its range. Now you can save on this new typing gear for some of the first times. Featuring a full layout, the keyboard features backlit mechanical switches with native support for Mac and PC out of the box. Along with Bluetooth connectivity, there’s also the included Logi Bolt USB receiver to complement Logitech FLOW multi-device support. OURpractical examalso reviews all the other highlights.

New all time low hits Nanoleafs black Shapes triangle HomeKit lights

Nanoleaf now offers one of the best chances to save on itsnew limited edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles. These smart lights take everything our readers love about HomeKit’s modular designs and apply a smooth coat of black paint for a different look when hung on your wall. At this moment, theThe 9-panel Smarter kit sells for$165. This offers the lowest price we’ve ever seen at $55 off. Our last mention was back in June at $200, with today’s deal now taking away another $35.

Refreshed NanoleafsUltra black trianglesbring the brand’s usual customizable lights to your space with plenty of tweaks to make the setup process even easier. You’ll still find HomeKit support alongside Alexa and assistant control, along with multi-color output and the ability to set various scenes with unique lighting effects. These swap out the usual white plastic frames for black packaging, standing out a bit more in the process. This set is still compatible with all other Nanoleaf Shapes accessories, with the linkers allowing you to create even more interesting layouts thanks to the updated mounting and interlocking system. You can find out more in our announcements coverage.

Belkin BoostCharge Pro with Apple Watch fast charger sees its first discount

Earlier this spring, Belkin launched anew addition to its line of power bankswith a unique focus on your Apple Watch. THEnew BoostCharge Pronow sees its first-ever Amazon discount, downuntil$90. Normally worth $100, this 10% discount now arrives as a new all-time low and the only discount yet. Belkins’ new BoostCharge Pro power bank arrives centered around a 10,000mAh internal battery. It has a soft plastic finish to house all the internal charging tech, like its 20W USB-C port to charge your iPhone 14. Although the best part and the whole reason to buy this accessory over any other power bank is the built-in Apple Watch fast charger. The sleek build can top your laptop to full charge, making it a perfect option for your daily carry or travel setup. Dive intoour launch coverfor a complete overview of what to expect.

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