Telegram has a feature called channels that allows users to create rooms and share one-way information with a group of people. This is not a chat as only the creator of the chat can post messages. Everyone else can only view the content and react to it. This week Meta presents the same for Instagram called Broadcast channels.

Broadcast channels are currently only available to creators, and through them, Meta hopes to create even more interaction between artists/creators and their followers. For example, a music artist might have a channel specifically for tour dates and performance updates. The follower will need to subscribe to the artist’s broadcast channel.

Broadcast Channels supports all sorts of things. Creators can post polls, AMAs, invite special guests, and more. Basically, everything you could already do in the story will be in the channels. Part of me wants to call it what it is, bloat, but if it’s used as intended and the artist updates it regularly with good information, then it can be useful.

This feature now works inside the Instagram app and only on the app. It is currently not supported online. See if your favorite US author has access.

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