Fans of Flippies and Foldies, Samsung will showcase its next series of foldable devices in a couple of weeks. You already know them as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 because you’ve seen them in more leaks than I can count. It still doesn’t take away from the fun, especially now that there’s so much competition in the folding space. Can Samsung maintain its huge lead, or has Google just released a Galaxy Fold killer with the Pixel Fold (laughs, no)?

We will try to fix this officially when we get the latest version of Samsung. Until then, we can do it semi-annually when we reserve one in advance to give us the best chance of buying it once Samsung puts them up for pre-order. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 Reserve portal is open (here) and there is at least one benefit.

If you “reserve” the Galaxy Fold 5 or Galaxy Flip 5 – which simply means you’re showing Samsung that you’re interested but don’t want to make absolutely no commitment – you’ll get $50 bonus credit (or a discount) when the time will come to buy. Again, it’s not a commitment, it’s a step where you say, “Hey Samsung, yes, I might want your next foldable and will accept this special offer, which is the best of the best.”

The Galaxy Fold 5 in early leaks and renders certainly looks like it will bring minor improvements to the overall design. The biggest change may be in the upgraded hinge system. On the other hand, the Galaxy Flip 5 should at least get a much larger screen so you can do more without opening your phone. This is a big year for Flip.

Every phone also needs to have the next-gen performance we all demand from our ridiculously expensive phones. We’re talking Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chips, at least 8GB of RAM, bigger batteries, and better cameras. Don’t forget that Samsung’s foldable devices have a stylus, unlike Google’s.

Samsung will turn around its new foldables on July 27 at 7:00 AM ET (4:00 AM PT). Once this happens and pre-orders go live, this booking bonus may disappear.

Reserve Galaxy Fold 5 or Galaxy Flip 5