IEEE Spectrum won top honors at the annual Jesse H. Neal Awards on April 21 this year. The Neal Prize, known as the Pulitzer Prize for Business Journalism, is awarded for editorial excellence. The awards are presented by the SIIA (Software and Information Industry Association).

Fourth year in a row IEEE Spectrum was awarded the “Best Spectrum of Work” award from the media brand. This award recognizes overall editorial excellence.

IEEE Spectrum and its employees have also received these awards:

  • Best cover art. “Do high-tech prostheses help their users?” (October 2022). Creative director Mark Montgomery, director of photography Randy Klett and photographer Gabriela Hasbun.
  • The best theme pack. “The transistor is 75 years old” (December 2022). Senior Editor Samuel K. Moore and Range staff.
  • Better Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “Nothing About Us Without Us” (October 2022). Acting Editor-in-Chief Harry Goldstein, Special Projects Editor Steven Kass, Senior Editor Eliza Strickland, Contributing Editor Mark E. Harris, and Writer and Geographer Britt H. Young).
  • Best Overall Art Direction/Design. The Art of Crypto Kittens (September 2022); “Radio Spectrum Territory Wars” (July 2022); and The Forgotten Rival of Vacuum Tubes (April 2022). Creative Director Mark Montgomery, Associate Art Director Brandon Palacio, Online Art Director Eric Vreelink and Director of Photography Randy Klett.
  • Best Single Article. “Bionic Vision: IEEE Spectrum Investigation” (February 2022). Senior Editor Eliza Strickland and Managing Editor Mark E. Harris.
  • The best single issue of a tabloid, newspaper or magazine. “The transistor is 75 years old” (December 2022).
  • The best range of works by one author. Senior editor Eliza Strickland on artificial intelligence, neurotechnologies and geoengineering.
  • The best range of media brand works.

Business Editing and Writing Awards

IEEE Spectrum also received two awards and received an honorable mention from the Society for the Advancement of Business Editing and Writing. This was the first time the publication competed for awards. IEEE Spectrum competed with over 190 news organizations including international, national and regional publications and specialized business publications.

“Every day, IEEE Spectrum editors bring the most insightful technology journalism to our readers, and year after year our efforts are recognized by our peers,” says Goldstein. “It’s encouraging to know that IEEE members and the organization as a whole are supporting our work and that we’re giving them the very best information in context as they tackle the toughest problems facing humanity.”

Strickland adds that she and co-author Harris are being praised for their investigative article on Second Sight, the bionic vision company that left early adopters with outdated gadgets in their eyes and brains.

“Tech journalism can’t just support the latest innovations,” she says. “IEEE Spectrumreaders are critical thinkers who want to understand how advanced technology is changing our society. We can help by giving them the most important stories.”