Returning on Monday, I told my truth. I said that Twitter The new default for the For You tab in the Twitter for Android app was garbage. Luckily, I wasn’t alone in my feelings, although there was no shortage of weirdos who thought my view was based on Elon Musk or had something to do with COVID vaccines. I didn’t mention either one or the other in my post. I ask you people to get off the internet forever and build yourself a cabin in the woods, away from society. I think you will be happier there.

Either way, it looks like I have Twitter to thank for the fix. Even if it’s not because of my post, I’ll still take note of it and you can thank me later. Announced this week, Twitter is changing how your default timeline works. A tweet from Twitter Support says that starting this week online, if you close Twitter in the For You or Follows tabs, you will return to that tab the next time you open Twitter.

The same will soon appear in apps for iOS and Android. Thank God.

This is fantastic news and good enough to make today my Friday. I win and that’s good.