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Hungama 2Three-point torture is simple – confuse, frustrate and prolong, says Sukanya Verma.

Everyone speaks out of turn.

Nobody wants to listen.

Few want to get down to business.

Less able to complete their sentences.

Those who keep talking about trifles in a roundabout way.

Misunderstanding, lies and interruptions lead to an idiotic plot that anyone can see in a dream.

But Hungama 2The three-step torture is simple: confuse, frustrate, and prolong.

When humor tests the viewer’s patience with endless scenes of forced delusions masquerading as amusement, it turns into agony. And Priyadarshan’s return to leadership is painful.

The once prolific director has made some funny films in the past, but Hungama 2which is not a continuation Hungama nor is equally tolerable a relic of bullshit, which cannot even cause a half-smile, forget to chuckle.

Remember how Juhi Chawla crashed Aamir Khan’s engagement party with kids to announce that he was already married to her in Hum Hein Rahi Pyaar Ke? Hungama 2The plot is the same, except that the girl (incredibly tough Pranita Subhash) is not joking.

What was already a parody in 1993 is passed off as a parcel with a share parichay and his brand of guys in need of discipline.

Gorgeous and picturesque Himachal forms the backdrop of this yawn yarn, where dim accused Mizan Jaffrey acts like a total boor to his college ex and the mysterious kid she claims to be theirs.

There is no respite from either side.

The so-called return of Shilpa Shetty gets no meat, no minutes.

Except for her elegant hot secretary and trophy wife style of Paresh Rawal’s perpetually suspicious half and cashing in on nostalgia for Home Khiladi Tu Anarihit parade Churake Dil Mera in the rotten remix, the actress has almost nothing to do.

If Ashutosh Rana as Papa Jeffrey struggles to maintain dignity in such an extreme farce, Paresh Rawal, who has collaborated with Priyan on many memorable films, must struggle with a pigeon pot on his face.

Other comic book veterans, Johnny Lever with an exaggerated bong accent and Rajpal Yadav doing his usual intricate performance, can’t bring any relief.

Akshay Khanna throws a symbolic appearance as a reference to an earlier Hungama. You really wish he didn’t. It really looks like it didn’t exist.

When the character cries loudly, Dimag ki dahi cardiperhaps the only time I felt like a movie was talking to me.

I wonder how out of touch with the world you have to be to imagine that such an outdated one has at least some buyers?

Hungama 2 is streaming on Disney Hotstar.

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