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Hum Do Hamar Do review

Hum Do Hamar Do review


Ham Do Hamare Do is a kind of rushed romantic comedy that gets down to business after so many shenanigans and in such a dull way that it completely misses the point,” sighs Sukanya Verma.

Most recently, Aparshakti Khurana played the lead role in movie it was like a public service announcement about population control and safer sex. The man returned to his best friend duties as Rajkummar Rao’s best friend to help with Ham Do Hamare Do.

The name, inspired by a catchy 1970s family planning slogan, doesn’t focus on condoms like the one above. Helmet. Instead, it stars Rao as a desperate orphan willing to do all sorts of outrageous acts to win the hand of his beloved in marriage.

She is a classic case of ridiculous “terms and conditions” which is why Bollywood loves to advertise for the sake of gimmicks.

From the looks of it, Kriti Sanon will only marry the man with the cutest mum-dad set and the cutest dog because she is also an orphan.

Her idea of ​​romance is couples crying in each other’s company while watching. Hum Aapke Hein Koun..!.

What should be a red flag is a source of terror for our smitten hero.

Instead of adopting a dog whose melting eyes would make him forget his parents’ poverty, Rao binds a guardian figure (Paresh Rawal) from his childhood as well as his unrequited love (Ratna Pathak) to pose as his father and mother and make himself more pleasing to the people of Sanon (Manu Rishi Chadha, Prachi Shah Paandya).

Pretense and sentimentality coexist blissfully until the cat is let out of the bag.

As always, the deceitful side is on the straight path, justifying its lies with beaten “Chief darr gaya tha‘, followed by a folk song about a broken heart and the usual sorry, forget it and a fairy tale ending.

Pretending to be parents is a well-worn premise, and it takes more than background changes and protagonists in unique professions to breathe life into silliness.

Founding him in Chandigarh doesn’t matter if none of the city’s traits or essence have any real bearing on the plot, and Rao isn’t playing a virtual reality app developer or his love interest, Kriti, as a freelance blogger.

Rajkummar Rao, Kriti Sanon, Paresh Rawal, Ratna Pathak, Manu Chadha and Prachi Shah Paandya are handsome figures and talented actors. They are able to keep the viewer even with minimal effort.

But in this lazily sketched, devoid of charm boredom, each scene is designed to create a forced sense of panic that everyone will learn the truth about Rao’s parentage, with obstacles and quick fixes alternating according to convenience.

The characters of Paresh Rawala and Ratna Pathak Shah are profitably single, setting the stage for a second opportunity, problems in Rao’s workplace arise and are solved on a whim, his social work as a mentor to street children is limited to drawing houses and the capital of Tanzania, a sycophant character appears out of nowhere to to play a party-goer, and a completely harmless fiance turns into a jerk as soon as it interferes with the plot.

When it comes to arguing about the merits of a traditional family versus one a man chooses for himself, then it shouldn’t be as far-fetched as choosing pizza with custom toppings over frozen pizza. Except it’s kind of a rush romantic comedy that jumps into a chase after so many shenanigans and in such a boring way that it completely misses the point.

Hum Do Hamare Do airs on Disney Hotstar.

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