Hugh Jackman is currently stationed in England, working on the highly anticipated Dead Pool 3 next to Ryan Reynolds.

This Sunday, however, the Marvel star traded his superhero antics for a quieter pursuit: enjoying the final day of the prestigious Wimbledon Championships in London, joined by his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness.

At 54, Hugh exuded an irresistible mix of casual elegance and sophistication, dressed impeccably in a tailored suit, clean white t-shirt and slip-on sneakers.

His perfectly styled black hair and rugged five o’clock shadow completed the look, as he applauded the finesse of the players in the men’s final with Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz.

© Karwai Tang
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness watch Carlos Alcaraz versus Novak Djokovic in the 2023 Wimbledon Men’s Final

Echoing her husband’s understated elegance, Deborra-Lee, 67, looked striking in her white ensemble. She opted for a chic layered t-shirt under an edgy oversized cream trench coat.

The actress added a pop of color to her look with tinted sunglasses and wore her hair up in a high, distinctive style.

Hugh did not hide his enthusiasm for the event, nor his favorite for the final. The X-Men actor shared his excitement on social media, writing, “Beyond thrilled to be at Wimbledon supporting Novak Djokovic!!! Let’s go!” next to snapshots of the day.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness have been married for 27 years© Karwai Tang
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness have been married for 27 years

Recently, it was reported that Hugh was struggling with the transition of his 18-year-old daughter Ava into the dating world.

According to Woman’s Day, Hugh set firm guidelines for his teenage daughter, emphasizing the importance of trust. Deborra-Lee also shared her wisdom with Ava, reminding her of the need to “earn her father’s trust.”

As Ava nears her senior year of school and looks forward to her prom, Hugh recognizes the inevitable, as a family friend would have told the publication.

Hugh is currently in the UK filming Deadpool 3© Karwai Tang
Hugh is currently in the UK filming Deadpool 3

“Hugh is struggling with the fact that his little girl is growing up. Ava has always been a daddy’s girl, so she knows she has to take it easy on him. As her mother wisely told her, ‘Trust is deserves, so don’t waste it’.”

Hugh and Deborra-Lee share a love affair that has proven to be one of Hollywood’s most enduring.

Twenty-seven years of marriage has only deepened their bond since they met on the set of Australian drama Corelli in 1995. Hugh has often shared how he knew he was destined to spend the rest of his life with Deborra- Lee just two weeks after learning his.

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The couple met on the set of her Australian television series Correlli. While Hugh had recently left drama school, Deb, who is 13 years his senior, was already a “big star”.

Hugh reminded People“I’m getting caught, and Deb’s in the front seat of the car. I’ll never forget. She took her seat belt off, and she turned around and reached out and took off her sunglasses and said, ‘Hi, I’m Deborra-lee Furness, nice to meet you. I remember thinking, ‘I like that girl.'”

He said he developed an “unprofessional and embarrassing” crush, but Deb returned the favor. The actor was so confident in their relationship that he said Today in 2018: “I knew that two weeks after meeting Deb, we were going to be together for the rest of our lives.”