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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has become a hit, captivating millions of gamers with its thrilling battle royale gameplay. As you immerse yourself in this realistic experience, you will come across a difficult facet of the game: third party attacks. Surprise assaults from rival squads could catch you off guard and jeopardize your chances of success.

This article examines useful techniques and tips for dealing with ambushes, allowing you to confidently navigate BGMI’s battlegrounds and secure your path to victory.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

Strategies to counter attacks from third-party teams in BGMI

Positioning and notoriety

Maintaining proper placement and situational awareness is essential to avoid falling victim to third-party attacks in BGMI. Assess your surroundings and check for potential dangers before engaging in combat. To avoid being caught off guard by another squad, fight in areas with solid cover and escape routes.


It is essential to have clear and effective communication within your team to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected attacks. To communicate information about enemy positions and potential threats, use voice chat or short in-game texts. This will help your squad stay on the same page and react effectively during heavy firefights.

Minimize noise

Try to make as little noise as possible while looting or traveling between areas. Loud runs and looting can draw the attention of adjacent teams, making your team a prime target for third-party attacks. Crouching and adopting a “low profile” mode while looting can help you avoid detection in BGMI.

Team work

Adopt a buddy system within your team to ensure that you are always near at least one teammate. In this way, you can offer yourself immediate assistance during fights and have a better chance of repelling attacks from third parties.

Use the terrain to your advantage

During battle, take advantage of natural shelters and terrain features. Use hills, rocks, and buildings to break line of sight with other squads and reduce the possibility of being seen by potential attackers.

Listen to the gunshots

Keep an ear out for the sound of gunshots in the distance. Other squads may be drawn into firefights to take advantage of weakened or distracted teams. If you hear gunshots nearby, stay cautious and ready to defend yourself against possible third-party attackers in BGMI.

Avoid extended commitments

While it’s essential to fight smart and not rush into battles, prolonged encounters can leave your team open to third-party attacks. If an argument seems to be ongoing, try to momentarily disengage to examine the situation and avoid attracting further attention.

Plan your trips

Before you move, consult with your team about where you plan to go and how to get there. Running in open areas with no cover can make you an easy target for opposing teams in BGMI.

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