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Here’s the Google Pixel Fold doing its thing

Here’s the Google Pixel Fold doing its thing


The Google Pixel Fold is rumored to be coming to Google I/O with a release date in about a month. I’m still not entirely sure about the launch timeline, but don’t be surprised if Google tells us a lot about its first foldable device in a couple of weeks. One of the reasons why you should prepare to open is because of the abundance of leaks that are currently circulating around, for example, we have information here about folding and unfolding the device.

In this short video published by Cuba Wojciechowski on Twitter, you can see the Pixel Fold in hand somebody which then opens and closes the device to show the internal display, the external display, and how its hinge works. Yes, it also showcases a thick bezel, which I’m sure you’ll have your own opinion about.

Before we dive in, here’s a short cutscene:

I think the Pixel Fold looks pretty nice when closed. It has an OPPO foldable device form factor, with a wider, shorter format that can be much easier to handle when closed compared to Samsung’s extremely tall Galaxy Fold line. If anything, this should help us decide which setting we prefer or which one we can use for longer periods of time both at home and away from home. Because when you’re on the go or need a quick phone session, you often use the foldable display case.

When the Pixel Fold is open, it looks something like what we saw in early renders, although this particular device is a bit rough around the edges. Focus your attention on the bottom hinge area where this device looks like it’s barely holding together. There’s a whole bunch of space in this area that already worries me about durability. To be honest, it’s reminiscent of the roughness of the original Galaxy Fold.

As for the bezel, there’s no way around their width on the Pixel Fold on the internal display. If you’ve ever used a tablet, you must be familiar with frames because they work well on a tablet. Holding a large-screen device requires a lot of thumb support, and this is where bezels come in handy. Since this unfolds into a mini tablet, I don’t really mind seeing some sort of bezel here. Again, I’m concerned about that hinge area at the bottom, which already tells me how much she hates sand and water.

Fold Google Pixel

Fold Google Pixel