One of the first things we look at whenever a new build of Android comes out, especially a version that has moved from developer preview to beta, is if there’s a new Easter egg to show you. Until today, there was no new Easter egg in Android 14, but that has now changed with Android 14 Beta 4.

The Android 14 Easter Egg is a kind of space adventure game that we have been trying to figure out. These attempts have been unsuccessful, so we’ll be reaching out to you to help us bring the full Google experience here. What I can tell you at this point is how to access it and that I think I have found the sun.

To access the Android 14 Easter Egg:

  1. Go to Settings > About phone.
  2. Scroll to the Android version and click “14”.
  3. On the next screen, quickly press “14” again until the Easter Egg welcome screen appears.
  4. This screen should be a large Android 14 logo over a black screen with stars floating in the background.
  5. Once there, press and hold your finger on the Android 14 logo (see above).
  6. The screen, logo and phone should vibrate while you hold them in your hands until you are transported to the space game.
  7. Once in the space game, you simply drag in the direction you want to fly.
  8. Go explore!

The research side of this is where you will need to help us. I moved my little spaceship to a position pretty close to <0, 0>and seems to have found the sun. He then used some sort of gravitational force or pull to launch me in an endless circle around him, which is kind of funny. You can see it in the clip below.

If you venture out of the sun a bit, you’ll see red circles that could be part of a solar system with planets attached. I didn’t find anything, but maybe you can. I’m not an astronaut, if that’s not clear.

Let us know what you find!