Latest Technology News: Here is the list of changes promised for “Diablo 4” according to Blizzard

Blizzard just finished streaming a Chat around a campfire which served as a mea culpa for the 1.1 patch that caused players to rip their clothes off and rewatch the game in oblivion on Metacritic. The nerf heavy patch destroyed builds and made the game much more tedious.

The end result of the discussion was that a huge number of changes were made to the game and promises were made about what’s coming and what won’t happen again. Here’s a list of everything Blizzard promised during the showcase.

  • More generally, they said they would never have a patch like this again, avoiding the kind of meltdown we’ve seen here from the community. They understand, apparently.
  • The overall goal is for them to create multiple builds capable of succeeding with each class, and as such, new items and powers will be added each season to make that happen.
  • They promise that in the future, when they implement huge nerfs, they’ll also do huge buffs to compensate for that, even if it means making some builds overpowered for a while.
  • Along the same lines, they say they’re fine with leaving more OP releases alone, and instead they’ll focus on releases that are actually buggy do massive damage (most recently Barbarian Whirlwind, Shredded Druid, and Sorcerer’s Ice Shards). But strong and outlier builds should be hit less often.
  • Tell him that a new endgame activity is coming that will help higher level players do more than just nightmare dungeons. No timeline on this yet.
  • One thing they promised and Already implemented is a nerf to the difficulty of Nightmare Dungeon, where now a level 100 dungeon feels like a level 70 dungeon, as they admitted the higher ones are well past that. It doesn’t affect the lower dungeons much, but by maybe 40 you’ll start to feel the difference. This was already fixed last night.
  • Blizzard says they’ll communicate patch notes ahead of time, avoiding the kind of surprises we saw with this latest patch, where changes weren’t announced until the patch was already live.

A number of changes are coming in patch 1.1.1 which should be here in less than two weeks, and details will be revealed in another chat next Friday. But the additions announced so far are:

  • They will increase monster density in Helltides and Nightmare Dungeons.
  • They will add another Stash tab to alleviate some inventory issues.
  • Gold cost of Respect will be reduced by 40%.
  • Barbarians and especially Sorcerers will see big buffs coming in the patch.

As for future seasons, they are considering overpowered enemies that kill players too quickly like Corpse Bows, charging enemies or exploding after death.

  • They see crowd control chaining as a main thing that too often kills players.
  • They’ve mentioned loadouts being considered, but nothing concrete on that front yet.
  • They said Uber Unique’s drop rates would likely increase over time.
  • They will return to the old Aspects and Uniques and continue to improve them so that they can become or remain relevant.

Those are the main points, and all good. I certainly wish things like Nightmare Dungeon nerfs or Sorcerer buffs were bundled with patch 1.1 itself, but changes are coming, and relatively quickly.

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