When tomorrow rolls around and you decide to find a new show or movie to watch on HBO Max, you might notice something different. First, the name is being dropped from “HBO” and will simply be called Max in the future. You knew this would happen.

When it becomes Max, it will be a combo service representing more than just HBO. In the future, it will also have Discovery+ content, so all your home, food, and travel shows will be in Max. You’ll have all the amazing HBO content, plus a world of repairs. And in fact, most of the content confluence started happening a few weeks ago, in case you haven’t noticed.

Another thing that might confuse you is in the HBO Max app. For some of you, the app will simply update (or be automatically updated) to the new Max version and you’ll be fine. For the rest of you, you may need to download the new Max app.

In an email sent to customers today to remind them of the upcoming May 23rd change, HBO Max informs its customers of the above situations, but basically says it should be a direct upgrade to the new Max. However, if you need a new app, you will be prompted to get it. If you want to get started, both Google Play and the App Store have pre-registration links for the new Max app.

Maximum App Links: Google Play | App Store

Wondering what will happen to your registration and billing information? Obviously, your HBO Max subscription is under the new Max brand, and you basically don’t have to do anything. This means that all your billing and login details for the new app will remain the same. In addition, your profiles, browsing history and My List will be saved on Max. While this seems like a major change, especially since a new app is required, HBO tells us things should go smoothly, at least for now.

As soon as the new Max comes out tomorrow, we’ll see what the subscription prices are. Currently, HBO Max has disabled the signup process and the Max website is telling us to wait until tomorrow.


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