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Many players are still doing the frozen cash glitch to essentially earn billions in GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, and PC as of this week’s update. It should be noted that a player cannot start from scratch. They must have a little money at the start to preferably buy an expensive vehicle that they can resell later. Ideally, it’s good to have a few million on hand to keep things running smoothly.

Note that the buggy nature of GTA Online means that everything below is always subject to change. Not to mention that the execution time of this frozen money problem can be strict. It is extremely important to note that a player can lose millions if they do not do this feat correctly.

Note: If you don’t feel safe with the possibility of losing millions, avoid this bug. Players are advised to check the latest YouTube videos to see if they have been fixed or not.

How to Do the Frozen Money Glitch in GTA Online (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Note: You need to delete your second character in Auto grand flight 5 Online if you want to do this particular bug.

Here’s how GTA Online players can perform this variation of the Frozen Silver glitch:

  1. Create a second character. Copy the row from the previous one you created.
  2. Buy an expensive vehicle. The Imponte Deluxo is a popular choice.
  3. Disconnect from the Internet as soon as you buy the car.
  4. After restarting in story mode, return to GTA Online.

If done correctly, the player will have the same amount of money as at the start, plus the vehicle they bought a minute ago. Force the game to save to finish. The potential to earn billions comes from the fact that you can sell the car for 60% of its current value.

Since you technically spent nothing, that means you could earn $3,450,000 per Imponte Deluxo you sell. You would have to repeat the process about 290 times to get over $1 billion. Simply delete the second character afterwards and start over to continue winning millions.


You will log out as soon as you see the sold screen (Image via Rockstar Games)

It is recommended that GTA Online players start with a cheap car if they are unable to verify whether this bug has been fixed or not. For example, you can try this frozen money glitch with the BMX, which is only $800. If the bug didn’t work, you would only lose $800. If the exploit worked, you can try it with an Imponte Deluxo or any other expensive vehicle.

It’s also important to note that players should be modest about how often they perform an achievement in this game. Rockstar’s suspension and banning policy means that a player’s account would essentially be wiped if they were suspended for being caught abusing the frozen money issue. Obviously, being banned means you can no longer play the game.

This frozen money issue affects older-gen consoles (Image via Rockstar Games)

Another important tip is that GTA Online players should only sell up to seven cars every 30 hours to be safe. Selling more could be risky as your account could be flagged, so keep that in mind. While waiting for this cooldown, players could make other cash while waiting or even play other games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to pass the time.

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