The much-maligned musical ‘Cats’ has sent the internet spinning wild after a visual effects editor for the film confirmed that CGI was used to add assholes to all the feline characters. THE “asshole cut”, as it became known on social media, was eventually dropped by the studio. It’s now been revealed that the upcoming ‘Barbie’ movie has flirted with its own potential CGI disaster, as writer-director Greta Gerwig ending early talk of its actors sporting CGI feet since Barbie is known for her arched heels.

“There was a big discussion at the start,” Gerwig said on “The Project” from Australia. “Everyone said, ‘Are you going all foot CGI?’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, no! This is terrifying! This is a nightmare. Margot has the most beautiful feet too. She has these beautiful dancer’s feet. She should just hold on to that bar and do it like this.

The official trailer for “Barbiebegins with a photo of Robbie stepping out of her high-heeled slippers to reveal that her bare feet are still arched and ready to slip into the next shoe accessory that awaits her. Robbie refused to use a double leg at this time and held on to an off-camera barbell to stabilize his balance.

As revealed in a recent cover of Time magazine on the set of “Barbie”: “The shot took eight takes. [Margot Robbie] had to hold on to a bar to keep her feet bent. And, yes, those are his feet. “I really don’t like it when someone else does my hands or my feet in an insertion shot,” she says.

Ensuring the Barbie figures had arched feet was part of Gerwig’s plan to capture her own experience with the growing doll.

“Even though it’s a huge movie, it feels very personal to me,” Gerwig said in “The Project.” “It was made by so many people who cared. Even the Barbie logo we used is the logo I had when I was a kid in the 80s. I was standing in the toy store…we had the boxes wide because their hair was really big. I wanted it [logo] that I loved. »

“Barbie” opens in theaters nationwide on July 21 from Warner Bros.