Latest Kerala Local News: Grandson, 25, kills grandparents to death in Kerala

In a grotesque incident, an old couple was allegedly killed by their grandson in Vadakkekad, Thrissur in Kerala. While one of the deceased heads was severed and found in a room, the torso was found in the hall. The other’s body was found in a pool of beds with a neck split. Thrissur’s horror has come as a shock to locals after suspicion was directed at a 25-year-old grandson, who turned into a butcher and allegedly butchered his grandparents to pieces for allegedly being denied money to buy drugs.

According to the police, the suspect is identified as Akmal (25 years old). Police said Akmal was mentally unstable and had previously undergone psychiatric treatment. The two people who died in said homicide are Abdullah, 75, and Jameela, 64.

The police investigation revealed that while Jameela’s headless torso was found in the bedroom by the relative, her head was found next to the stairs in the hallway. Abdullah’s body was found with a neck split in another bedroom of the house. The deceased couple were found dead on Monday morning by Fajid, a relative who had come to the old couple’s home to deliver breakfast.

We learn that the grandson was brought back from the mental health center the day before. Akmal was cared for by the elderly because his mother had left him for another man.

Police suspect drug abuse

Vadaekkakad Police under CI Amruth Rangan opened the investigation and were able to trace Akmal’s whereabouts using a mobile tower location. Eventually, the police discovered that Akmal had moved to Karnataka. He was apprehended by police on Monday from Mangaluru around 1pm. He is taken back to Thrissur for further questioning.

Drug abuse

The police, investigating the case, suspect drug abuse to be the motive for the crime. According to reports, neighbors of the deceased said the accused had always fought with the elderly grandparents demanding money to buy drugs. “The autopsy of the deceased is ongoing. The case has been filed at Vadakekkad police station and is in the initial stage of investigation,” a Vadekkad police official said.

According to sources, police will take the accused to court and mark his arrest on Monday evening. Meanwhile, the forensic team is on hand collecting evidence from the crime scene. An FIR has been registered under IPC 302.


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