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If you endure until the third episode, Grahan will be a rewarding experience,” says Mumita Bhattacharjee.

The anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984 appeared on screen several times.

Those terrible days in early November 1984 still haunt millions of Indians.

Grahan talks about its consequences.

The series has its heart in the right place, but it’s won over by sluggish execution.

SP Amrita Singh (Zoya Hussain) leads a special team to investigate anti-Sikh riots.

Her investigation leads her to a discovery about her father Guru Sevak (Pawan Malhotra) that shocks her.

She digs deep to find out why her father did what he did because she can’t believe it was just rage.

The way she follows the breadcrumbs and establishes the truth makes up the rest of the story.

Based on Satya Vyasa Chaurazithe series moves back and forth from 1984 to 2016.

The first episodes test your patience. Everything works at a snail’s pace.

After the third episode, the series picks up steam, and from that point on, the story unfolds in a way that makes up for the lackluster start.

The stories of the victims will affect you, as will the bloody scenes of the riots.

You have no sympathy for the criminals who have now been transformed and dedicated their lives to serving the very people they orphaned in those days. These scenes are beautifully written and depicted.

The performance is neat, raw and effective.

Pawan Malhotra is perfect as the timid and guilt-ridden father.

He mainly plays with his eyes and facial muscles, which proves what a brilliant actor he is.

Anshuman Pushkar, who played himself as a young man in 1984, looks the part and plays well. A young tall guy in a love image suits him very well.

Zoya Hussain is great for the role of SP, but as a daughter, she lacks emotion in the right places. Her inner turmoil needed more space to bloom, because only then would the viewer understand her conflicting behavior.

Grahan it’s an influential series, but it tests your patience.

If you can bear it until the third episode, it will be a rewarding experience.

Gren airs on Disney+ Hotstar.

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