Home Technology Google encourages Performance Max upgrade for DSA and GDA –

Google encourages Performance Max upgrade for DSA and GDA –

Google encourages Performance Max upgrade for DSA and GDA –


Latest Technology News: Google encourages Performance Max upgrade for DSA and GDA –

Google has announced two voluntary Performance Max upgrades for Dynamic Search (DSA) and Google Display (GDA) advertisers.

The AI-driven platform optimizes performance across all channels by allowing users to customize their inputs, making it more responsive to individual business needs.

Advertisers have seen an average 15% to 20% increase in conversions after upgrading to a unified campaign strategy.

Keyword-free AI technology

One of the recent Performance Max enhancements prevents your campaign from showing ads on traffic related to certain brands. This would provide more control over search results.

Advertisers can now specify landing page URLs or exclude certain URLs at the campaign level, providing greater personalization through brand settings.

Fang Fang, Global Head of Online Marketing, explains how Shopee benefited from the Performance Max upgrade and Keyword-Free AI technology.

“At Shopee, we are always looking for new ways to improve our platform and services to better serve users. Upgrading to Performance Max gave us access to the latest keyword-free AI technology to drive better results on search, resulting in an 11% increase in conversions at a 5% lower CPA. This allows us to run effective campaigns that connect users with our sellers, improving their overall shopping experience.”

Inventory Aware Ads

A nice upgrade feature includes inventory-aware ad serving, which ensures that your out-of-stock pages aren’t served with search ads.

This is done automatically, without requiring any additional work from the advertiser.

Automated assets to match customer intent

Performance Max also personalizes your entire search ad to better match consumer intent using automatically created elements.

These automatic assets will soon appear in the asset reporting table, giving users more control.

Leonardo Martins, head of marketing at Santander, discovered that AI-powered asset creation could drive impressive growth.

“We upgraded our Display campaigns to Performance Max and achieved unprecedented growth, with a 47% increase in conversions while maintaining a healthy CPA. This was due to Performance Max’s ability to reach wider audiences with more relevant ads, as well as its use of Google AI to optimize our campaigns in real time across all channels.

Easier audience strategies

Performance Max also simplifies the implementation of audience strategies thanks to objectives directly integrated into the campaign, such as the acquisition of new customers.

Google plans to add re-engagement goals in Performance Max later this year to help retain existing customers.

Instead of manually managing complex user lists and exclusions, Google will automatically distinguish between new and existing customers.

Boost search and display results with Performance Max

Although voluntary, the self-upgrade process is highly recommended to get started with Performance Max for DSA And GDA campaigns.

While DSA and GDA campaigns remain fully available to advertisers, those upgrading might see better results with Performance Max.

Advertisers who choose to update can use best practices offered by Google to ensure that new Performance Max campaigns are set up for success.

The integration of keyword-free AI technology, AI-powered assets, and self-leveling tools should enable advertisers to increase conversions and conversion value in ad campaigns. Thus ensuring a better ROAS.

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