Sonos announced this week that starting May 23, the beloved local file playback option will be removed from the Sonos Android app.

Here’s what Sonos posted on their official website.

As of May 23, 2023, we are removing the ability to play audio files directly on Sonos using the On This Device menu in the Sonos Android app. We recommend using one of the methods in this article to make sure you can still play any files stored on your Android device.

The reason for this move? Blame, of course, android. Sonos employee Marco B. explains on the support forum that “as new versions of mobile operating systems are released, the way information is exchanged between devices may occasionally change and this feature will no longer be compatible with newer versions of the operating system.” Android operating system.

It’s unfortunate, but there are plenty of ways for Sonos users to transfer music to speakers from their phone. There is a line-in, Bluetooth and NAS (network storage).

/// Edge | Sonos Forum


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