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Galaxy Watch 4 finally gets Google Assistant in new update

Galaxy Watch 4 finally gets Google Assistant in new update


The launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 line was significant as it rekindled the partnership between Google and Samsung over Wear OS, which the platform desperately needed to find new life. This partnership also meant the return of Google services to Samsung watches, including Google Assistant. As you all know after months of waiting, neither the Galaxy Watch 4 nor the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic had an assistant, and back in February we were told that it could be a few more months.

Things seem to be changing today, according to an update regarding Verizon variants of the Galaxy Watch 4 line. The update started as build QU1FVC8 (R885USQU1FVC8), and there’s a mention in the changelog of where you can access Google Assistant.

Galaxy Watch 4 Google Assistant

Samsung has yet to announce the arrival of Google Assistant, so stay tuned while we try to update or find more information. However, the (very low resolution) image included by Verizon (above) shows that Google Assistant can also be enabled with “Hey Google” activated. It only mentions that “if you have Google Assistant downloaded, it will show up in the settings menu under Google Accounts.”

The strange thing is that at the beginning of the month, Samsung released a similar update for other models such as the R870XXU1FVC8 or R890XXU1FVC8, which does not mention Google Assistant in the changelog. Verizon rushed?

We were told in February that Google Assistant would show up on those Watch 4 devices as a standalone app that you would need to download, so that makes sense. Of course, you will probably need this particular software update to add the menu above to your watch, which will allow you to turn on the assistant.

After the update, all you need to do is open Google Play on Watch 4 and search for Assistant. Either that or get it out of your phone.

If you own a Verizon Galaxy Watch 4, please let us know if you see this update. We would like to see this menu.

  • UPDATEA: At least one of our readers was able to get the new update but still can’t find Google Assistant. Since Verizon says you have to “download” Google Assistant, that could mean we’re still waiting for Google to release it for the watch. This could be a situation where Verizon was a little earlier, even if it’s the update that will bring Assistant support. And now we’re just waiting again.
  • UPDATE 2: Verizon removed the mention of Google Assistant, and Google said edge that “Assistant does not apply to the Galaxy Watch 4 and we do not have an update on the timing.”

Good times.


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