I think we can all probably agree that Samsung’s trade-in cost to launch the Galaxy S23 is kind of rubbish compared to previous years. For example, a year ago, the Galaxy S21 Ultra cost $850 in exchange for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Even the Galaxy S20 Ultra, a two-year-old phone at the time, made people $825 instantly. The deals were almost too good.

For this Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23 launch, the biggest deal you can get is the $750 Galaxy Fold 4. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will set you back just $600 at the moment. It’s… wow, that’s bad. Sure, that’s $100 more than what you got during pre-orders, but you don’t get a free storage upgrade either.

You get my point – Samsung certainly didn’t offer the familiar crazy deals this year. I don’t know what this means in terms of the industry, I just know that we will have to spend a little more on the S23 device.

However, if you have an old device lying in your desk drawer that you couldn’t get rid of, now is the perfect time to replace it with a Galaxy S23 device. There are some good steals out there that still give you an instant discount. Below are some that we think are the best and this link will let you test your phone:

  • Galaxy Note 10+ ($410 off): The best price right now is $410 if you trade in the Galaxy Note 10+. Note 10+ somehow costs more than Note 20.
  • Galaxy Note 9 ($340 off): Is there anything older than Note 10? Note 9 costs $340!
  • Galaxy Note 8 ($310 off): Okay, you get the idea – all old Note phones are worth a good amount, which will allow you to upgrade to S23 Ultra and improve your experience significantly.
  • Galaxy S22 ($410 off): The $410 Galaxy S22 isn’t bad, as it’s a tiny device with terrible battery life that you should definitely pass up. Anyway, take that $410 and upgrade to a Galaxy S23 with a slightly bigger battery.
  • Galaxy S10 ($140)A: This is one of those that you really could have in your desk drawer. It’s time to get rid of it and get a new phone.

On top of this instant discount, Samsung is offering up to $100 credit to use on accessories with purchase. So get rid of your old phone, buy these really good Galaxy S23 devices and add a case or headphones to them.

Links to the best Samsung deals: