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Galaxy S23 solves Galaxy S22’s biggest problem

Galaxy S23 solves Galaxy S22’s biggest problem


For those who have been following this site in 2022, you probably know that our main issue with the Galaxy S22 is its battery size. It is very small, its capacity is 3700 mAh. For a flagship device, it’s just not the same. I now have a Galaxy S22+ for 2 days and it has been an absolute revelation so far that my phone hasn’t run out of battery by 5pm. With all that said, if the recently circulated rumor is true, the Galaxy S23 line may not have battery issues.

In accordance with @TheGalox_ on Twitter, Samsung may try to use electric vehicle battery technology on Galaxy S23 model range, resulting in a significant increase in throughput. As detailed, the Galaxy S23 can have a battery up to 4500mAh, the S23+ has a 5000mAh battery and the S23 Ultra has a giant 5500mAh battery.

This will all be thanks to technology that Samsung has reportedly developed and repurposed from its Samsung SDI division, the part of Samsung that focuses exclusively on lithium-ion battery and renewable energy technologies. Their work can be found in vehicles such as the BMW i3, Fiat electric vehicles and many more. The bottom line is that their technology is proven and is already being used around the world to keep vehicles safe.

As for how the actual technology works to increase battery capacity, it’s unclear, and the only tidbit is that Samsung has been able to increase battery density, thereby increasing capacity. As long as I can scroll TikTok for longer, I don’t care how it is achieved.

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