Fortnite celebrate the arrival Through the Spider-Verse film with a range of new skinsSpider-Man quests and more in the multiplayer game. The web shooters are back after their long hiatus, and they even have a Miles Morales-themed look this time around.

You can find a web shooter – sorry, the “Spider-Verse Web Shooter” – randomly on the ground like any weapon, or you can shell out gold bars to get them from Spider-Gwen. As before, these handy items allow you to pull a chain of spider silk, cling to objects, and launch yourself across the map at breakneck speed. Just make sure to find a soft landing.

Epic has teased that web shooters will be especially useful when completing week 11 quests, one of which will reward you with the Silk & Cologne (EI8HT version) track from Through the Spider-Verse that you can play in the Fortnite lobby.

On the front of the Item Shop, you can shell out V-Bucks for the Miles Morales Outfit, which includes an Earth 1610 variant and Spider-Verse Portal Back Attachment, and the Spider-Man 2099 Outfit. This comes with another unique back piece, the 2099 Web Cape. Each skin has a set of matching accessories that you can buy separately, and you can also get everything FortniteIt is Through the Spider-Verse bundle, which throws in a spider worms loading screen too.

Epic hasn’t specified how long these deals will remain available in the Item Shop, though they usually last at least a week or more. Meanwhile, the real Through the Spider-Verse film releases in theaters on June 2, 2023.

Written by Josh Broadwell on behalf of GL HF


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