Home News Former VP Pence visits University of Virginia.


  1. And if he and trump were in charge, Ukraine would be on its own. Remember trump was trying to dismantle NATO.

  2. Trump tried to kill him … it’s so wild to watch this guy speak well of him in any capacity

  3. pence, trump’s Cult wanted to HANG you!!!…There was a Gallow on the US Capitol grounds…& trump’s Cult were shouting “HANG MIKE PENCE”!!!

  4. 🔩you Pence! You helped end the run of greatness! Forget you & the other Demo-Socialists in the establishment.

  5. And Trump did it while hand cuffed and his chest being sat on.
    The guy was the best fit for running this country and preserving freedom.

  6. That presidency had no respect for the government, or civilians or even science and that will go down in the history books. 📚⏳

  7. If I was in that room and he started listing off the accomplishments, I would not be able to stop hysterically laughing. Like, fall out of my chair and roll across the floor clutching my sides, laughter.

  8. Challenged the establishment. I like that. Kinda like saying bank robbers or terrorists challenge the establishment.

  9. Guess he won’t talk about how they sucked up to Putin and all other Dictators. How in 4 short years, the U.S became an International laughing circus. How minorities especially Asians and Muslims received more hate crimes than any other time in U.S history. And that is just a glimpse of the disastrous 4 years.

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