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Apart from Mohit Chadda and a potentially great concept, Flight “There is hardly anything worthy of attention,” says Pratik Sur.

Flight tells the story of a billionaire (Mohit Chadda) who finds himself in the midst of a public relations crisis.

A plane manufactured by his aviation company crashes, and all the blame falls on his company. When he decides to become a Good Samaritan and pay compensation to families who have lost loved ones in a plane crash, he is at odds with his board of directors.

He decides to go to Dubai to fix things and apologize to the public at a press conference. So he takes a charter flight and finds himself stuck in the air there, only to die.

Who is behind this attempt on his life?

Can he save himself?

Can he eventually expose the bad guys and make his company emerge as a winner in the public eye?

First, Mohit Chadda really put his heart and soul into the film. Not only as a co-producer and co-writer of the film, but also as a leading actor.

When I first saw the trailer, I was intrigued by the idea.

After watching the movie, I feel like the main reason it’s not bad is because of Mohit Chadda.

He perfectly embodied the image of a spoiled brat who inherited a billion dollar business and is now trying to make sure his father’s values ​​and ethics are not diluted.

Mohit flirts with women and turns out to be a guy who thinks he’s the most handsome person in the room. Trying to be Harvey Specter, huh?

The plot of the film will intrigue you in one line.

A man stuck in flight without a pilot is a sure winner of the concept.

But the lackluster direction of Suraj Joshi makes Flight hole.

Mohit ends up inside the plane, but doesn’t even panic.

He’s cool enough to drink, play golf, text his girlfriend, etc.

He is waiting for the moment when he can enter the cockpit and save his life by making the plane perform unimaginable stunts.

Well, as viewers, even you are waiting for that first half to end so that there is at least something exciting in this film.

Popular artists like Pawan Malhotra, Zakir Hussain and Vivek Vaswani have been completely wasted and it seems like they just said yes to the film as a favor.

Shibani Bedi, who can usually steal a scene even in a one-minute performance, is unable to do so due to a tasteless script.

Popular RJ and ex big boss contestant Pritam Singh puts on a brilliant performance. His character could have been brought back in the second half and made the story more interesting.

Although the makers promised that the film was shot on a real plane to some extent, but watching the film, everything looks like it was folded on VFX.

Some of the explosion and flight scenes have such poor visuals that it looks like the creators wanted to cut the budget.

Apart from all the other flaws, the movie basically says that it won’t listen to any laws of physics. Now I know that autopilot is a feature that pilots use, but it’s not something that will allow you to fly from India to Somalia to Abu Dhabi to Dubai!

Plus, if learning to fly an airplane was as easy as it is in the movie, I’m sure pilot training wouldn’t cost as much.

Mohit Chaddha not only learns how to fly a plane, but even manages to perform stunts on it in less than half an hour of flight!

Even if I try to ignore it all as cinematic liberties, how can you see a plane flying in the air for almost three to four hours with a giant hole in the surface?

Apart from Mohit Chadda and a potentially great concept, Flight there is hardly anything that is worthy of attention.

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