It’s been a minute since the Fantastic Four hit the big screen, with the 2015 film centered around Marvel’s First Family failing to impress critically or commercially. The good news is that this streak will end soon, because one of the many upcoming marvel movies is a reboot for defined superheroes in the MCU. Among the things we know The Fantastic Four is it Wanda VisionMatt Shakman directs and Josh Friedman rewrites the script, and now the casting rumors are starting to heat up. However, when it comes to one of The Human Torch’s contestants, he may already be absent due to scheduling issues.

Among the many actors who are rumored to be considered is Paul Mescal, who is known for films like After Sun And God’s Creaturesas well as the miniseries normal people And The trunk. Mescal has already played the role of Lucius Verus for Gladiator 2which should begin filming this summer Deadline reports that the actor is in talks to star in a film adaptation of the New York Times bestselling novel Hamnet which is directed by Chloe Zhao. The story follows William Shakepeare’s wife, Agnes, coming to terms with the death of their only son, and ultimately leads to the writing of Shakespeare. Hamlet.


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