Home News Fair value determined for Mavoor Road terminal land KSRTC, R

Fair value determined for Mavoor Road terminal land KSRTC, R

Fair value determined for Mavoor Road terminal land KSRTC, R


Latest Kerala Local News: Fair value determined for Mavoor Road terminal land KSRTC, R

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KSRTC Terminal in Kozhikode Photo: Mathrubhumi

Kozhikode: The government-appointed committee determined a fair value for the KSRTC terminal land at Mavoor Road. Principal Tehsildar has decided on a value of Rs 37,40,890 per cent.

Due to the huge financial burden the terminal places on KSRTC, it was decided that the same would be transferred to KTDFC in perpetuity. This is why the earth was measured and its value determined. This will include the area excluding the space occupied by the bus stop and the adjoining gas pump.

The decision was taken at the level of the Chief Minister. KTDFC can now include this land and the building in its own assets. It can also be used as collateral to qualify for loans. KSRTC has 3 acres and 22 cents of land here.

Four survey numbers encompass this land which is classified as “nanjai” (wetland) and “thottam” (agricultural). However, it was dry land (karabhumi) for many years. The survey figures clearly indicated that these lands belong to the government.

The authorities submitted a request to the RDO to change the categorization of this land. The government places a value of Rs 18,15,248 for agricultural land and Rs 30,93,683 for wetlands in this zone.

The determined fair value now exceeds this value by 220%. According to the records, KSRTC has land amounting to 44.92 Are (R) of wetlands and 23.88 R of agricultural land here. The KSRTC unions have come forward alleging that this is a tactical move to gradually hand over the land to private individuals.

They point out that this is a decision aimed at definitively dismantling the assets of KSRTC. Similar moves to transfer land from KSRTC to KTDFC are also underway in Angamaly, Thiruvalla and Thiruvananthapuram.

The Chennai company could get the reinforcement contract

The terminal reinforcement contract could be awarded to Chennai-based Prabal Engineering Company. The company has informed KTDFC that it is ready to take on the job at Rs 32.68 crores. To start work, technical approval from the government is required.

The assessment carried out by IIT Chennai suggested that 80% of the beams, 98% of the pillars and 18% of the slabs in the building need to be reinforced. As work progresses, the KSRTC stand will need to be moved from Mavoor Road for two months.

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