Google has announced four new features for Cards app for Android and iOS this week, all focused on our national park system here in the US. If you find yourself visiting these beautiful places, this update is for you.

In the update, users can now quickly identify the most popular locations in a particular park, such as its rides, campsites, visitor centers, and trails. This is made possible by the work done by us, the users, as Google specifically reaches out to the Maps community. Not at all, I guess. Also, trails are now a serious feature of Maps, rather than just pins that show where a trail starts. Popular trails will now display in full, allowing you to find both the start and end of that trail. When it comes to planning a hike, this can be very helpful.

Later this month, users will see highlighted park entrances on the map, as well as better directions to the start of the trail when walking or cycling.

The last part is for those times when cellular coverage in the park is terrible. Users can download these maps and their information for offline use just like you would in other areas. Again, this is very helpful.

These changes are being implemented now.

// Google