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Excited about the Pixel Watch?

Excited about the Pixel Watch?


It’s been a long time but it looks like we for shiz receiving pixel clock from Google this year. All evidence points to Yesit happens.

We’ve yet to see undeniable renders of this claimed wearable, but from what we’ve seen, we’re expecting a round display, Wear OS 3.1, and maybe some gesture controls? The big unknown is how Google’s Fitbit will play a role in a possible Pixel Watch. Can we see more integration on this front? Will it be geared more towards fitness and Fitbit fans, or could we see more premium hardware like the original Moto 360 (pictured above)?

Even though many questions need to be answered, you are still either delighted with this device or not. I have been waiting for this device for years, so I am personally delighted. What are your thoughts?

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