A promising plot is faltering, notes Namrata Thakker.

Escape live revolves around characters consumed Escape live social media app where people can showcase their skills and get rich. The lure of the contest – Rs 3 crore in prize money – ensures that the contestants will do their best to win.

The Rajasthan girl played by Adiya Sharma is one of them and her uncle goes beyond all limits to fulfill her dream and his greed.

Then we have a prankster named Darki (Sumed Mudgalkar) who is crazy on another level.

They are joined by a trans woman from Uttar Pradesh who finds the app liberating. Also have desi Spider-Man from the slums of Mumbai and a young woman from the northeast as a waitress by day; virtual temptress at night.

How they cross each other’s paths due to competition, and how the so-called nice world of social media wreaks havoc on their lives, is the heart of the story.

Siddharth plays a conservative, middle-class software engineer who works as a moderator for Escape live. His morals are offended by the app and he decides to turn it off.

Surprisingly, the company does not fire him despite his suspicious behavior.

Another odd aspect of his character is that he sympathizes with Hina (Plabita Bortacour), the waitress/seductress, but cannot understand his sister who likes a guy from another community.

Siddharth’s acting is reserved and serious, but his character is so badly written that it doesn’t impress.

Escape live offers an interesting concept with great actors leading the cast.

The idea that people get addicted to an interactive app is relevant and relevant, and the film warns us of its consequences, both good and bad (although the focus is clearly on the latter).

The story has its fair share of loopholes, and the characters falter at regular intervals.

We don’t know why Darky is so unpredictable, so it’s hard to empathize or even believe in his character.

In fact, it’s hard to understand the backstory of most of the characters.

Walusha D’Souza and Jaaved Jaaferi manage Escape live the application and their characters are shown as brutal, devoid of emotions. But their characters seem clueless when things go wrong.

Adya Sharma and Sumed Mudgalkar stand out for their acting skills. Aadyaa is a delight that makes you feel all sorts of emotions. You end up not liking the character Sumeda, which says a lot about him as an actor.

Plabita plays her role well, but scenes where she is shown as a damsel in distress don’t work because she has such a strong personality.

The role of Siddharth could have been more significant; he has his moments, but they are few.

Escape live are good watches because of their storyline, mysterious elements and beautiful execution, but their creators missed the opportunity to offer something extraordinary and effective.

Escape Live on Hotstar+ Disney.

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