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EA Sports FC 24: 13 things to know after our first try

EA Sports FC 24: 13 things to know after our first try


Latest Technology News: EA Sports FC 24: 13 things to know after our first try

EA Sports has pulled back the curtain on FC 24, its first post-FIFA football video game. You can check out IGNs FC 24 hands-on preview to get an idea of ​​how it feels to play, but there’s plenty more to discuss, including a host of smaller changes and additions that combine to make an impression. positive. Read on for 13 cool new details we noticed after our long time with the game.

There is a first-person reference perspective

It’s a strange! Sometimes, during an in-match cutscene involving the referee, the camera switches to the first-person view of the inside of the referee’s head. It’s a bit jarring at first, and it looks a bit like Skyrim football, but it’s a nice new visual twist. And it’s kind of funny to see the referee’s outstretched arm give a bewildered player a card for a horrible tackle. Be warned, however! During our hands-on, we saw the insides of the referees’ teeth at one point, the camera making this video game clip.

You can make an Erling Haaland karate goal

As you’d expect from a new FIFA game, FC 24 includes plenty of new animations to help keep things fresh. The title, however, is the addition of Erling Haaland’s superb karate goal for Man City against former club Borussia Dortmund last season in the Champions League. There are also new unique running animations, so you should be able to tell famous players a mile away. As you’d expect, Haaland has his unique running style in the game, his long arms flailing behind his arched back.

Playstyles give players a boost – and they’re powered by Opta

FC 24 has a long list of playstyles that give a massive boost to specific stats. EA Sports uses real-world player data from Opta to inform these styles of play, so they should make sense against the performance of real-world footballers. For example, Haaland, who is known for his power shots, has the Power Shot PlayStyle. FC 24 has 34 PlayStyles, with a more powerful PlayStyle+ available for each, making 68 in total. Also expect playstyles in Ultimate Team. Team of the Week Haaland, for example, can include the Power Header PlayStyle if he scores a ball header in real life (let’s be honest, it will happen!). In-game, these playstyles appear as a diamond symbol above a player’s head, so you’ll always know which power-up you’re playing with.

New Precision Passing unlocks Kevin De Bruyne’s style through the balls

The FC 24 has three Precision Pass styles (used PlayStation controls here): the Precision Pass (R1 + Through ball); Precision Lob (R1 + Lob); and the deflected precision pass (L2 + R1 + through ball). Each type draws a line on the field that indicates the direction of the pass you are about to attempt. Expect the most skilled players to master these passes for unexpected passes.

AcceleRATE 2.0 adds four new acceleration archetypes

FIFA 23 players will be familiar with the infamous long boost archetype that some thought was overpowered. EA Sports is doubling down on this feature, adding four new archetypes for a total of seven. There are now three long-only boost types: Controlled Long Duration; Generally long; and long (pure). EA Sports hopes the addition of new acceleration archetypes will bring more variety to the meta.

FC 24 has GPU fabric

All of this really means FC 24 has better looking clothes that move more realistically as players move. You’ll notice it more in the cutscenes, alongside the new AI Hands, which hopefully means the FC 24’s fingers will be present and correct.

Menus have been redesigned and now include live video

FIFA fans will immediately notice that the menus of FC 24 are completely different. EA Sports has gone with a new style of vertical orientation that should get you to what you want faster. You will also see live video in the menus. So if you pause the game, you might see a replay of a goal you just scored to the right of the menu options. This is an exciting new feature.

Haaland's stunning karate goal is in the game.
Haaland’s stunning karate goal is in the game.

Stats appear all the time in the field

The FC 24 relies on information overlays, which display various stats on the pitch as you play in augmented reality. For example, while you are waiting for a goal kick, the game can display the locations from where the last five shots were taken. You can also get a display of the win probability on the pitch or an indication of shots on target. Perhaps more helpfully, you might see your five most tired players highlighted while you wait to perform a throw-in. This should mean you’ll have to spend less time fussing with menus and more time playing. a real game.

There is a secondary commentary team

FC 24 have a secondary commentary team consisting of Guy Mowbray, who you’ve probably heard on BBC and BT Sport, and former England international Sue Smith. Smith is the first female co-caster of an EA Sports football game. Former England international Alex Scott also returns to the pitch.

Ultimate Team has a new Evolutions card mechanic

FC 24s Ultimate Team adds a new way to upgrade cards. The Evolutions feature allows you to increase the stats of a player who matches a certain objective. You will then need to complete in-game challenges with that player to level them up. These time-limited challenges are designed to help a card stay relevant throughout the season, although not all cards apply. Expect promotions such as Team of the Week to also play a part in Evolutions challenges.

New chemistry options in Ultimate Team make mixing and matching viable.
New chemistry options in Ultimate Team make mixing and matching viable.

Ultimate Team has new and better chemistry options

With the addition of women in Ultimate Team, you are now able to build chemistry if you have a male and female player from the same club on your team. Chelseas Lauren and Reece James seem like a fun option. Meanwhile, icons now give chemistry to each league, making them more useful. Sticking with useful quality of life changes for Ultimate Team, you can now freely move a player to their secondary position without the need for consumables. Finally!

The player’s career now has a Ballon d’Or cutscene

EA Sports made a big deal about the new cutscene that plays out if you win the Ballon d’Or in player career mode. It looks like a suitably glitzy affair, though it’s fun to watch unlikely players take the gong, watched over by proud managers who would never see in real life. The career mode also has a new cinematic for a victory parade. In it, the players and manager dance energetically to generic celebratory dance music, while fans in the street take photos with their phones. It’s quite strange!

And finally, Pro Clubs is now Clubs, and its crossplay

Pro Clubs fans have long been crying out for crossplay to increase the mode’s player base, and with FC 24, it’s finally here. As with in-game crossplay, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC players are all in the same crossplay pool, leaving PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players to match together. This addition to Pro Clubs, now simply called Clubs, means you can finally play with a friend who is on another platform.

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