Home News During his first State of the Union address, President Biden speaks on inflation


  1. You have impose tariffs on countries using cheap and/or slave labor in order to make products cheaply (i.e. China) so that you level the playing field. Then manufacturers will bring those jobs back to the US.

  2. His first words were “one way to drive down inflation is make Americans poorer. Lower your costs, not the wages.”
    Does that sound like China?
    They work for little wages.
    Why haven’t companies given people a Cost Of Living increase since Covid? People were poor during the Pandemic, now “infrastructure”is suppose to curb inflation? The $ taxpayers as putting into these bills & laws cost more than it outcome or produces.

  3. How do you reduce cost when the price of everything is through the roof? Internet is up, water costs more, gas costs more, and materials cost more.
    Reduce cost by using robots instead of employees.

  4. Seems like we heard this with last president ? Too little too late ! All talk , want action ! Do something positive !

  5. WTF. Corporate profits are going through the roof right now. This is corporate greed causing prices to go up, not typical inflation.

  6. Remember his words and find out in near future. What will be happen? Too much drama and lie and cover all the lies. 💪💪

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