In the new movie “Carmen”, dancing takes center stage, but it’s the singing that has fans captivated and left wondering if the film’s stars Paul Mescal And Melissa Barrera are the ones who actually sing in the film.

The modern adaptation of Benjamin Millepied’s classic opera “Carmenstars Barrera as Carmen, a Mexican immigrant who is forced to illegally cross the US border after the murder of her mother. Mescal plays Aidan, a US soldier who finds Carmen crossing the border but cannot bring herself to resolve to stop her, so instead he helps her run to safety.The two began a journey to find Carmen’s mother’s best friend, Masilda, who runs a nightclub. the nightclub where they take refuge and their love story unfolds through dance and music.

The musical drama features all original music and even a soundtrack by Mescal and Barrera. But many fans ask if they’re really the ones singing.

East Paul Mescal Really sing in “Carmen”?

Yes, not only is Mescal an Oscar-nominated actor, but he can also sing very well. His track “Eclipse” is key to revealing who his character is in the film.

When we first see Mescal playing his guitar, we can see that music is a place of healing for his character, who is battling PTSD after serving as a Marine.

Mescal impressed many with his singing and dancing skills in “Carmen”. Her co-star Barrera commented on her talent in an interview with Peoplesaying, “He’s one of those actors who’s good at everything. He could probably do it all.”

Singing seems to run in Mescal’s family, as his younger sister, Nell, recently signed a record deal in London. The two went viral when they sang together in a Instagram Video from 2020.

East Melissa Barrera Really sing in “Carmen”?

Barrera, although best known recently for her role in the Scream films, has already shown her musical talents by starring in “In the Heights.” In “Carmen,” while she says it was dancing that challenged her the most during filming, she still shows off her musical talent alongside Mescal.

In an interview about the film with pop culture planetBarrera describes the moment she sings the song “Tú y Yo”, saying, “It’s not the happy night she thought it was going to be. It actually becomes quite tragic.”

“I sing this song which is so deeply melancholic and moving,” she continues, adding, “I felt so lucky to have that moment in the movie because it’s all about everything that has to pass. Everything that is bad and everything you suffer from, everything will pass. She sings that to Aiden who is played by Paul Mescal.