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Playing the fourth leading role in a Disney+ miniseries is a far cry from playing Daenerys Targaryen in the world’s most popular show. But an Avenger has the same kind of pop culture as a Khaleesi, and Secret Invasion fourth episode just made it possible for Emilia Clarke to be both. The explosive episode provided a potential origin story for her character. Gi’ah now has everything she needs to be the MCU’s next great superhero, including a classic tragic origin story.

How did Gi’ah survive Gravik’s assassination attempt?

A Skrull with a healing heart wound lies on the ground with his eyes closed in Secret Inasion
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Just as we theorized, Gravik only thought he executed Gi’ah. A flashback at the start of episode four revealed that she had once used the General’s own secret lab program to imbue herself with superpowers.

Gi’ah recovered from being shot in the heart thanks to Extremis. It is the same iron man 3 biological nanotechnology that allowed Gravik to heal his severed hand in the third episode. This is also why he was able to withstand point-blank bullets to his body and face.

What other superpowers does Gi’ah have?

Emilia Clarke inside a machine with lights on Secret Invasion
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Gravik’s attack on the President confirmed that in addition to Extremis super healing, he also possesses Groot-like powers. Groot and Extremis were two of the four projects discovered by Gi’ah on the secret Skrull lab computer. The other two were a Frost Beast and Cull Obsidian. We don’t know yet if Gravik has his powers as well. It is also not known if his machine can only administer them individually. Gravik scientists could have put the abilities of all four entities into a single vial.

As for Gi’ah, this flashback only showed her using a flask. If it was an Extremis serum only – which the lab’s computer said it was – it’s probably his only current superpower aside from his natural Skrull advanced strength and speed. If, however, she transforms her arms into super-long tree branches in the series’ final two episodes, we’ll get some answers about her and Gravik’s abilities.

Is Talos really dead Secret Invasion?

Talos' dead green Skrull body in the foreground on the ground on Secret Invasion
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Skrulls without Extremis are just as vulnerable as most humans. Talos was also already injured before Gravik stabbed him in the heart. Even under the best of circumstances, it seems unlikely that he could survive such an injury. Nick Fury’s reaction, similar to the one he had when Maria Hill died, clarified that he thought the same thing. If he believed Talos was still alive or could be saved, he probably wouldn’t have left his friend behind. It sure looks like Gravik killed the former Skrull leader at the end of Secret Invasionthe fourth episode.

But while her death is obviously sad, it’s also part of the reason to think Emilia Clarke’s Gi’ah is well-positioned to be a great MCU superhero. She doesn’t just have superpowers, she has a classic superhero origin story.

How could Emilia Clarke become a major MCU superhero?

Talos talks to his daughter Gi'ah on a park bench in Secret Invasion
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Countless superheroes, including some of the most famous like Spider-Man and Batman, became heroes in part because they lost someone very close. Death, especially of a morally righteous family member, mentor, or friend, has a way of galvanizing those with great power to take on great responsibility. It is a classic inciting incident in a hero’s journey.

Talos didn’t just have a strong moral center, Gi’ah’s last conversation with his father highlighted just how right he was. Gravik lacks his father’s caring heart. Gravik does not value life or relationships. So while she thought (probably correctly) that Talos suspected humans’ willingness to accept the Skrulls, her murder might crystallize why she still has to try and do the right thing. If she gives in to hatred like Gravik did, she would end up killing the man who saved their entire civilization. Gi’ah risks being the destruction of his people. The question is, does Gi’ah want to believe in his father or the man who killed him?

Emilia Clarke on a bench watching Talos in Secret Invasion
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The fact that Gi’ah walked away from her father’s last lesson makes their final conversation even more meaningful. If he is truly dead, it will probably haunt her forever. She pulled away from him and left him alone when he needed her the most. This is exactly why his death might turn out to be the catalyst she needs to become a great leader herself. And that means Emilia Clarke could become the MCU’s next big superhero.

The MCU now has a super-powered, shape-shifting alien with a moral compass and a tragic origin story played by a famously talented performer with experience headlining a global phenomenon. No wonder Marvel Studios wants a Khaleesi for the role. Secret Invasion is just the beginning of Emilia Clarke’s role in the franchise and could make Gi’ah a new MCU superhero.

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