Home Technology Deadline extended for merger agreement between Microsoft and Activision – t

Deadline extended for merger agreement between Microsoft and Activision – t

Deadline extended for merger agreement between Microsoft and Activision – t


Latest Technology News: Deadline extended for merger agreement between Microsoft and Activision – t

What the options market is telling traders about the deal

  • The FTC had issues with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but the options market says the deal is still in the works.
  • Microsoft has reached an agreement with Sony to keep Call of Duty on Playstation consoles.
  • Microsoft’s acquisition proposal for Activision Blizzard is $68.7 billion in cash.
  • The acquisition agreement has been extended until October 18, 2023.

On July 11, 2023, ActivisionBlizzard (ATVI) shareholders rejoiced when Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley ruled against the Federal Trade Commission’s attempt to halt or terminate the Microsoft (MSFT) acquisition of ATVI. That left the tech giant free to acquire the company for around $68.7 billion in cash. ATVI stock fell from $82.56 to $92.91 intraday.

Activision ATVI Tip

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard Extend Contract Deadline to October 18, 2023

With the deal reportedly nearing completion, the two companies have decided to extend their deadline by a few months to remove regulatory hurdles and ensure that every little detail is taken care of. This hasn’t affected ATVI shares at all, as the company is still hovering between $90 and $95. The $68.7 billion acquisition cost would put the stock price around $95.

What the options market says about Activision Blizzard’s sale price

What I love about the options market is that we can get a lot of information just by looking at the extrinsic value and implied volatility numbers in each expiry cycle. For example, if a company has an estimated earnings announcement in August 2023, we can simply look at the stock’s weekly option expiration cycles to see where there is a spike in implied volatility and option premium. This is where the market rates the earnings announcement, although it’s not completely official.

With ongoing stock price acquisitions, we know there is an expected sale price. The stock may get closer to this expected sale price and float as the deal closes, but we can check the long-term expiry cycles to see if the market really thinks the deal will close.

If the market agrees, the deal will surely be done, long-term options contracts that would usually have a ton of extrinsic value could be worthless. If the market thinks there’s a chance the deal will fail, those long-term contracts will still reflect a good amount of extrinsic value in option premiums.

ATVI options

Looking at ATVI, it looks like the market is actually accepting the deal is done, and right around the $95 price point. The $92.5 strike is still trading for decent value, but there is a huge drop in the price of the $95 strike, implying a low probability event for the sell to be above $95 per share.

There is still some extrinsic value in options at $90 and below, although the markets are wide and inactive, which tells us that the deal is not yet 100% set. If the deal went through, none of those options around the stock price would be of much value. As we get closer to formalizing the deal, keep an eye on the prices of these options around the stock price. The lower the bid prices on these options, the more the deal is set in stone.

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