Latest Kerala Local News: Danger hidden in the mist enveloping Parunthumpara; challenge


Idukki: Thousands of tourists flock to experience the beauty and mysterious mist of Paruthumpara every season, but security restrictions remain limited. This scenic spot falls under the Peermade panchayat in Idukki and is 4 km from the Kottarakara-Dindigul highway.

Many tourists, including those who wish to see the ‘Makara Jyothi’ (sacred light) during the Sabarimala pilgrimage period, come here during holidays. Inadequate infrastructure and lack of security often lead to complaints from tourists.

It is common for tourists to brave the dangerous cliffs of Parunthumpara and encounter accidents. There are also those who engage in perilous acts on the edge of the abyss. The night brings with it a horde of anti-socials lurking in the area.

The other day a young man who jumped in the throatdeceased. In 2007, another young cliff-dancer lost his life by slipping and falling. In 2021, a woman from northern India also fell but was rescued by firefighters.

Accidents also happen when vehicles climb the mountain in the name of off-road adventure. Although the panchayat has imposed certain restrictions in this regard, the dangerous activity continues.

There is no control in place by any government department. Preparations and related construction works for ‘Makara Jyothi’ darshan are carried out by Peermade panchayat. The land is owned by the Departments of Revenue and Forestry. When the panchayat tries to start a construction, the revenue department comes up with an obstructionist argument resulting in a crisis.

The state government had allocated Rs 10 crore for tourism development. The panchayath authorities had directly approached the ministries of forests, revenue and public works to release the land held by the revenue. This was done to avoid difficulties during construction work. Other steps are in progress.

Following the government’s decision to provide police protection in tourist centers, a police outpost was built in Parunthumpara several years ago, but its operations have not yet started.

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