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Dance Gavin Dance – Synergy (Feat. Rob Damiani) (Official Music Video)

Dance Gavin Dance – Synergy (Feat. Rob Damiani) (Official Music Video)

Dance Gavin Dance’s new single “Synergy” featuring Rob Damiani of Don Broco comes from their upcoming album ‘Jackpot Juicer’ – Out 7/29. Pre-order now at

No frowns around
I’m now an older clown
I think I honked my spleen

The money came to answer my prayers

If you filming me piss
It’s probably best, I stop the stream
My colon is golden, eyes they gleam

Waking up
in my cup
Last was night was rough
Don’t remember much
Waking up
Courage in my cup
Last night was rough
Doing what I love
Running on fumes
What I can do?
Waiting for my score to come through
Desperate for some motivation
Running on fumes
Checking my views
Scrolling for a comment that proves
I don’t need more motivation

I’m locked in
I’m stocked up
I’m shopping
my face
Is frosted

I’m living life as if I’m already dead
I’m spilling cups and then I’m fucking the fed
I’m locked in
And topped up often
No caution
My pace is toxic
I’m living life as if I’m already dead
Open and shut you know I gave it my best
Was feeling panicked so I bought myself knife
Then I felt empty so I went and got a myself a wife
I tried to learn about the meaning of my life
But I couldn’t quite decide on which good book to buy

Cause I’m like that
Ice white platypus
Blessing the things that I touch
Worship me worship my stuff

Fitted with a gimmick
Say a cynical wow
Many men went in it
But they couldn’t get out
All of the things that we touch
Suck all the life out of us

I’m living life as if I’m already dead
I’m living life as if I’m already dead

Hole in the world
Holding some pearls
Making it tough cause I’m never enough

Hole in the earth
Sleep on my perch
Take some time off to forget what your worth

Director: Samuel Halleen
Producer: Zoe Dinerstein
Assistant Producer: Sydney Isaac
Production Assistant: Sofia Kunz
AD: Cole Moniz
DP: Scott Siracusano
1st AC: Kyle Frank
Key Grip: Adrian Ramirez
2nd Grip: Matthew Purkis
Gaffer: Chase Dubose
2nd Gaffer: Jeff Scharberg
Production Design: Graham Epstein
Production Design: Leona Johnson
Wardrobe Stylist: Shaina Feldman
HMU: Brianne Ross
Editor: Samuel Halleen
VFX: Matt Collamore
Colorist: Scott Siracusano
Rat King Logo: John Howe
Rat King Commercial: Sean Barrett
Rat King Commercial Shoot: Daniel Broadley

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  1. Man, Coheed + DGD are going to be one hell of a show. RIP Tim 🙁 You’re going to me missed sorely – may you slap the bass in the great beyond.

  2. This band just keeps getting better and better which is nearly impossible in their scene but they have found a way to do it. This is their best song so far. I used to be a big fan of the Johnny Craig era but this song they really hit it out of the park. They’ve perfected and refined their style so much without straying far from their original sound. What a great band.

  3. Tim will deeply missed just wished his last tour can help with his funeral so his family can have total peace in laying him to deep slumber. Thanx for the times Tim.

  4. Just found out about Tim. I would like to offer my condolences for your loss. I met you guys about 6 or 7 years ago when you did a show in Oklahoma. I have listened to your music for many years and I am saddened to learn of Tim's death. I pray for the healing of your grieving hearts.

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